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Below are two posts from another board's archives.
Were I you, I would chalk this up to a learning experience, and cut my losses. Just my opinion.

This is regarding the 10 foot sailfish I caught with Beny Guzman's crew on November 23rd 2005.

I was contacted by a man named Rudolph from Mexico City, phone # 011525-55-69-03-104 claming to have the fish I caught. He told me they are mounting the fish, and that they will need $250 more to cover the crating and balance due. He also stated that this will not include shipping. My receipt for the fish states that I owe $150 on the balance. Finito, everything as Guzman explained. His phone number is also not working.

Beny Guzman explained to me at the time that the Artes Marinas $450 down payment, and the $150 balance would be the total for everything, and that the $150 would be C.O.D. when the fish arrives. This is apparently not true. Beny also stated he would contact me in 45 days to let me know the fish has been shipped. None of the information I was provided from Beny seems to be what is actually happening here.

These unexplained charges are quite a shock. I am also worried that this Rudolph man may not be who he says he is. I am not in the habit of FedEx money to far away countries to persons I have not dealt with, nor of whom I have never met.

Rudolph wanted a tax number from me, I don't have one. He said he needed it to send documents. I see no relation in sending documents, and a tax number. I then informed him I have an email address, and that he could send that way. He said that would be fine. Very confusing to say the least.

These "Extra" charges should be explained to the customer up front at the time of the mounting contract.

Now my worries are if these extra fees are paid, will I ever get the fish? The Guzman Bros. are scam artists also for mis-representing this deal.

My husband and son went fishing in Ixtapa in Jan 05. My husband told my son, any sailfish over 10 feet that you catch you can mount and put in your room. Well, 10'2". Ok, where to have it mounted, Artes Marinas? Only $400. Yes, we will do that. Got back to the states. Called them, you owe $250 more. Ok, we sent it. What about shipping? Yes, we paid that too. I just picked the fish up in Denver Monday of this week! Shipping and charges were $422. So, there you have it, total cost of the fish. He is in the garage waiting to be hung. Looks good, I don't know how long it will last or whatever, but we do have it and for now we have a great fish tale. My son tells everyone he caught it in Mexico, and I do have the customs papers to prove thats where he came from. He does look like a standard mold. Will he last forever? I have no idea, did they do a good job, yes it looks nice, Was it cheaper? Absolutely NOT!! Remember, it is the tale, not what you can buy.

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