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Escrito por Dorado1 desde (?) el día jueves, 19 de enero, 2006 a las 16:31:05 horas :

Something here ain't right; I got no doubt you may have gone with a "Capt. Miguel" but he doesn't work for Whisky Water World and I do not doubt you ordered from Artes Marinas then second, Whisky uses MONTADURAS MARINAS MEXICO IN CUAUTLA MORELOS. Which I might add is just as bad as Artes Marinas!!

"We ended up going out with a Capt. Miguel from the Whisky Water World which has a storefront down on the beach. My brother in law speaks Spanish well and made the arrangements. We had a great day, catching 2 sailfish by 11 am. There was also the possibility of booking through our hotel. I saw the Whisky Water World website before going down there. The only thing I have regrets about is going with the taxidermist Artes Marinas. After looking through the archives I see only bad things about them. I would suggest taking some photos of your catch and getting a fiberglass reproduction made if you want a trophy. I think catch and release is the way to go with big game fish."

Sure you got your outfits correct?

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