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Escrito por La Linda desde ( el día jueves, 19 de enero, 2006 a las 23:39:37 horas :

Here is a short trip report. My husband and I returned Tuesday from our first week in Zihuatanejo, and already we are trying to figure out how to go again. I want to thank everyone on this message board for the very helpful information that was posted. It made a big difference to us in planning, and especially in finding the best restaurants.

I have to admit that as the plane was landing I thought "Maybe we have built ourselves up for a disappointment. Can this place really be that good?" But it was. On our second day we were already saying."Yes, I can see why people come back here every year."

We stayed at the Club Intrawest, which I realize is not beloved by this message board. But it was part of a package deal and we got incredibly good value. Whatever the history of the building of this resort, it is beautiful, comfortable, has a very good locat1on, and has a friendly and efficient staff.

We were especially seeking a room with a spacious, private and beautiful ocean view balcony, and ours was great. The way that the living room merged with the balcony was ingenious, and we left our rooms open to the elements during most of our stay. I can see that in mosquito season that could be a problem, but in January it was fine. We had a mini-kitchen with microwave. coffee-maker and toaster, so were able to fix our own breakfasts. Since we had a "bargain" unit, it was the furthest uphill from the beach, but that was fine with us. The locat1on, on La Ropa, but near Madera, was ideal for us, because we were within easy walking distance of everything. An unexpected benefit was that we were right at the best snorkeling area on La Ropa.

The only problem was that the Intrawest was so comfortable that it was hard to leave it. I had a long list of things to do, but we only did a few of them--partly because my husband came down with a bad cold and for a couple of days didn't feel like going far afield.

Still we walked to Las Gatas and took the bus and water taxi to Ixtapa Island. The bus ride through Ixtapa confirmed our belief that we would not have enjoyed staying there, but the Ixtapans who got on the bus were clearly having a great time. You have to pick the place that's right for you, and we thought we made a very lucky choice.

Restuarants: thanks to recommendations on the board we ate at Il Mare, La Gula, Kau-Kan, El Manglar, La Casa de Cafe, and Any's and loved all of them. We also went to La Puerta del Sol, but didn't like it quite as much as the others. Clearly the most sophisticated was Kau-Kan, but I only want that kind of food once a month or less. We had planned to eat at the highly recommended Intrawest restaurant on our last night, but found that what we really wanted was to go back to Il Mare. It was our favorite.

One pleasant surprise: after a hot sweaty day of shopping we went to Any's and my husband was delighted with their ultracold beer, served from a case that was kept at -4 C.

One suggestion: if you love snorkeling, try to bring your own gear. It's not like Hawaii, where you can go to Snorkel Bob's and rent high quality equipment for a week. We only found places renting by the day--some wanted to rent by the hour, and prescr1ption lens snorkels are unknown. We had brought our own snorkels and only needed to rent fins, but even that was inconvenient.

Another suggestion: if you are attracted to organized excursions,it's a good idea to contact the companies before you leave home. A lot of them are based in Ixtapa, and contacting them from Zihuatanejo is not as easy as I thought it would be. One gripe I have about Intawest is that they offered a lot of high-priced excursions, which were really exactly the same ones you could arrange yourself by calling the company, and at a much lower price.

Thanks again to all the people who have shared their time and experience. It made abig difference to me.

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