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Escrito por Anne desde ( el día miércoles, 13 de abril, 2005 a las 00:39:43 horas :'s my first report from my first of many trips. My husband and I went on our honeymoon 6 months ago to Playa del Carmen and couldn't wait to go back to Mexico! A few months later we came across a trip to Ixtapa we couldn't pass up. Until that time, we had never heard of Zihuatanejo. While searching for as much info as I could on the area, I came across this message board which was an unbelievable resource!

We stayed at the Posada Real in Ixtapa which we were very happy with. The size (4 floors, smallest hotel in Ixtapa) and the price couldn’t be beat. Neither could the pool. We only ate a couple meals at the hotel and weren’t too impressed, but the breakfast was good.

One very important tip – yes it seems obvious – strong waterproof sunblock! We had sunblock but not waterproof on day #1. First thing on day 2, sore from sunburns, we bought some waterproof!

On the good advice of Mike in MN, we went to the market and bought a cooler, some beer, breakfast and snack foods to keep in our room.

We went in to Zihuatanejo 4 of our 7 days. Sometimes we took the bus, sometimes a cab. The bus is very affordable (6 pesos each), but at only 40 pesos, the cab is much faster.

We ate at Tamales Y Atoles Any – I had the green pozole and Greg had chicken quesadillas. What a wonderful experience! Our waitress was so considerate and didn’t laugh at me for asking what I should do with the pozole. Absolutely delicious food at very reasonable prices. Eating here and just watching the streets was a favorite moment of mine. I felt like this was one of my first real Mexican experiences – like I wasn’t just a tourist.

Other activities in Z….we strolled down the beach, stopping at Daniels and MJ Ritchies, both good food, good people and good prices. We attended Mass at Guadalupe church Sunday evening which was another amazing experience. I don’t speak or understand Spanish, but it was a little overwhelming hearing the giant crowd sing together. The church was packed and people were standing on the sidewalk and even the street to attend Mass.

I bought a dress at the artisan’s market and wore it to Villa de la Selva a few nights later. Speaking of Villa….at first site, the view almost took my breath away. We arrived just before sunset and honestly, the view and the atmosphere almost brought tears to my eyes. The food was expensive but delicious and being our one big night out, definitely worth it. I had apricot salmon and Greg had chicken stuffed with shrimp and mushrooms. We shared a bottle of wine and the chocolate cake with coconut ice cream. I’m not kidding you, the dessert was so good I literally dreamt about it! You have to try it – even if you don’t eat there, go for dessert.

One of our favorite activities was going to the market and picking up a few things to bring home. We spent quite a bit of time in both markets in Ixtapa and the Artisans market in Z and enjoyed all equally.

One day we woke early, took a cab to Playa Linda and a water taxi to Isla Ixtapa. There was only 1 other couple there when we arrived and I highly recommend getting there early to enjoy before the crowds come. We brought our own snorkeling gear and snorkeled on the coral beach side. There was a lot to see, but the water was a little rough for me. Before heading back to Ixtapa, we ate on the side you get dropped off at – I think it was the Marlin restaurant. We ate red snapper which was mouth-watering. However, we ordered at the suggestion of our waiter without asking the price (everything on the menu was 120 pesos or less). That was a mistake – the snapper price was 300 pesos. A surprise to us, but it was ok. We were in Mexico…so we didn’t worry about it. We visited the crocs on the way back which was pretty cool.

Two days before leaving we wanted to head up to Troccones, so we got on the bus ewe thought would take us there. The bus driver said he was going there. They dropped us off and we got in the truck and it took us to the beach. A beautiful, nearly empty beach. We spent the day mostly drinking beer and laying in hammocks. It was when we got up to leave that I noticed several “Barra de Potosi” signs. Evidently that’s where we were. Oh well – it was a wonderful day and we’ll definitely go back. It was worth the trip to watch the local fisherman run in to the water with their spools of fishing line and bring in huge fish.

I do want to see Troccones next time, though. So if someone can tell me the best way to get there, I would appreciate it J

This is getting long, but I do want to mention one restaurant that we really enjoyed. La Casa de Adobe Grill in Ixtapa. I had cheesesteak tacos and Greg had ribs – both delicious. The margaritas were also very tasty! It’s located behind and to the north of Senor Frogs.

Also – I’m not sure how I missed the ATM recommendation on this board, but use them. I stood in line at the bank to exchange 2 different times for 40 minutes each.

Well, we thoroughly enjoyed our first trip and appreciate all of your help. This may just be the most beautiful place in the world and I can’t wait to go back!

PS – thanks for the link to the radio station, Rob. I listened all night.

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