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Escrito por Richard in Portland desde ( el día domingo, 29 de enero, 2006 a las 16:34:14 horas :

Just got back on the 27th for 11 beautiful days in Zihua. We didn't do much exploring because we have been their and done that. Everyday was around 90 plus degrees with 70 at night. We only had two half days with ( liners) my definition of the people on cruise ships. We tried to stay out of town until they left. I believe Zihua is all together different with the ships in port. I will leave my opinions out of this. We stayed at the Brisas Del Mar with a lot of research and help from this Board. I can't say enough good things about our stay. We had a Superior Suite with a large sitting area and a beautiful private balcony over looking the bay. Excellent staff throughout the entire resort. Swimming pool with the slide was terrific and the water was just perfect with about 4 feet of depth. The only downfall as I knew, was the Restaurant. We did eat breakfast twice, lunch once, dinner once. Breakfast and lunch were fine. I personally do not pick a resort for its food, way too many great choices in this beautiful city. Our room service was great, with a new flower arangement on our bed everyday. I was wondering how many days you had to spend before you get the same petal arangement. I sure would have liked to find out. Fresh ground coffee everyday, nice refridgerator and lots of water pressure from the shower. I would like to remind everyone which ever Resort you stay at please tip the maids if you feel the service is above average. We always tip well and usually always are satisfied with the service. We feel we get extra treatment, but that may not be the case, but we don't care. Another great plus is the mini mercado about 80 feet from the entrance to Brisas del Mar. Ice, beer, liquor, pop and very nice owners. He taught me some spanish and I taught him some english. He had his conversion book behind the desk.
I would like to thank the board members with the info for my aniversary dinner on the 17th. We decided to choose Il Mare. The front desk made our reservations and we took a cab up the hill and had a special evening. The best service, the best view, and tied for the best food the entire trip. (More on that later).
On day three we walked to La Ropa beach and spent most of the day there. The last visit we stayed at La Ropa and I forgot what a beautiful beach it was and also the length. I got to admit that was a walk from hell getting there. I know Im getting older but going up that incline will be the last time without taking a cab. Getting back its fine all downhill. We had lunch at La Perla.
We walked into town daily sometimes twice. The walkway along the beach is very nice well lighted at night and usually with a breeze and very safe. I did see more police with rifles this year then in previous visits always very friendly. We always shop for our friends and relatives every day. Vanilla, murano glass bracelits, clothes, pottery, as much as we can fit into our bags. We met some very nice shop owners. We made sure we went to the town square on Sunday to take in the local festivites. Singing, dancing, food and beautiful families dressed up having a great time.
Restaurants, wow I really don't know were to start.But we ate at alot of them and some several times. I consider myself a very good home taught chef. Iv'e been married for 19 years and my wife has never cooked a meal. She always tells me I would make somebody a very good wife. The restaurant that we went to the most was Any's, always good food, reasonable prices, good service. Sometimes very crowded and a small wait. It really depends on the time of day you choose to eat. We couldn't find better tamales wrapped in banana leafs anywhere, with a mutitude of fillings. The pozole (green of course) was also very good. We tried alot of different menu items and was never dissapointed. Sirena Gorda twice good breakfast and lunch had tuna taco's very good. Elvira twice, lunch and dinner,very good food and service. Jarrocho (sp)discovered this restaurant late into the trip. We had lunch,excellent service, very good food and extremely clean. We also ate at Bandido's, very good food. There was just something about it, that was missing for me. My vote for the best Magaritas in town was Margarita's restaurant. The only place that measured everything that went into the drink. Always consistant, but you must have patients. I considere myself an expert after 10 days. The restaurant that I mentioned that I would talk about later, we ate there twice and had some of of our most memorable evenings I don't remember reading about this place very much on this forum. The restaurant is called Don Memo's we ran into this very small outdoor dining with 6 tables on a small porch in an alley. I would call this an italian restaurant with some mexican menu items. We were both starved for some pasta and tried this small eatery. We both had a insalata mista which was excellent. I had pasta with a rich bologenese sauce and my wife had pasta pesto with two glasses of red wine a peace. I am half italian and have ate at some excellent italian restaurants and this was one of the best pasta, done to perfection with a great meat sauce that I have ever had. There is only one waiter that serves the diners and he is very personable and atentive. By the way the meal was 26 dollars and the portions would feed 2-3 people but our plates were empty at the end of the meal. We decided for a couple of days where we would eat our last meal in Zihua and both decided to go back to Don Memo's and verify our last meal. We had to wait the second time and finally got the same table as the previous visit. The waiter remembered us from the last time and was introduced to Mr. Memo who usually works behind the bar and helps out where needed. A party of 10 came in shortly after with no reservations but must of known the waiter or Mr. Memo because they set up three tables in the alley for the party. I tried Memo's lasagna in a light cream sauce and it was to die for. My wife ordered the pasta pesto again and we split a salad. The same excellent quality and service. We ate at several other restaurants throughout our stay with great experiences.
We did make a day trip to Ixtapa. We went to the Marina for lunch. Wev'e ate at Beccofino's last trip and tried El Galeon. Very good food and excellent service. Walked into town and visited some stores and had a few drinks took a cab back to Zihua.
The trip back home was very interesting. We booked on Alaska and I have to admit all our connections were on time. PDX to LA to Zihua. The problem was immigration at LA. We had an hour and forty minutes to get thru which in the past has been plenty of time. I have traveled to Mexico for the past 19 years and have never waited in so many long lines. I don't know if the airport had some problems or what but I can tell you that we where the last people to board our plane before it took off. There were alot of people that missed there flights.
I can't say enough about the people and the beautiful town of Zihuatanejo.


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