Trip report 1/13-1/27 zihua/ixtapa

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Escrito por Juanny desde ( el día lunes, 30 de enero, 2006 a las 15:25:35 horas :

We spent a wonderful week in Zihua at a small B&B and had a great week. We met some great people from prior years and some new as well. The food in Z was awesome. Three wonderful meals at La Casa Veija. And yes Freida was there for my birthday dinner the 16th. What a treat,she is a cutie! Some great food and some football at La Perla. Now for Ixtapa...the poor Dorado!! It looks as if 1/3 of the rooms will lose the ocean views! We stayed at the Krystal and the rooms were very nice. It was time for an update. We were sorry to see Santos has left the Krystal. We tryied to hookup with him but heard he was at three different places. All our other friends were still there and it was great to see them. Had a couple of good lunches at C&C down the beach. And a great Dorado dinner at Villa de la Selva. A pretty unforgetable meal at Emelios. One of our old favorites.Also hooked up with some old friends of two years ago. It was great to see them! More to come have to get back at it! Juanny

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