Did you know? -- Part II

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Escrito por Roberto! desde (S0106001346bc14c1.va.shawcable.net) el día miércoles, 01 de febrero, 2006 a las 19:15:05 horas :

Previously on this message board, I asked the question about the ship which sunk in Zihuatanejo Bay and thought I had read somewhere there was a connection with this ship to John Wayne.

Thanks to all who posted responses.

I was able to dig up the information in one of my older guide books. For fear of violating some unknown copyright law, rather than quote directly, I will paraphrase by saying it was the Fandango which was being used as a sunset cruise ship and it sank during an empty run in 1990.
Before it was a cruise ship the Fandango served as a minesweeper and then belonged to John Wayne.

So there is the connection between John Wayne, the ship and Zihuatanejo Bay -- assuming, of course, the guide book has their facts straight.

Just a little more Zihuatanejo history. Now when you look out over the Bay, you can pass on that information to fellow visitors -- I know I will now that I have reconfirmed what I thought I read previously.


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