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Escrito por Katie desde (?) el día domingo, 05 de febrero, 2006 a las 07:48:21 horas :

We spent 10 nights at this hotel and were disappointed at check in. First, we were made to wear wrist bands even though we had no drink or meal plan. We protested but we had no choice. If we had known this was required we would not have chosen this hotel to try. we have stayed at other hotels in Ixtapa in years prior and never were forced to wear bracelets as a guest of a EP property. We hate these things since they scream tourist and get irritating to wear. Then they stuck us in a room that was still occupied by other people. Went all the way back down stairs with luggage in hand and complained. They finally moved the bags of the others out and us in, so needless to say, we recieved a used room by another guest. They did not reclean it, and still insisted they were full and we were forced to stay in this room for now. The first 2 days were spent over on the side of the hotel near the street. All you could smell from the balcony was diesel fuel from buses and listen to a noisy generator down below over the sound of the ocean. Our friends got a similar situation but experienced a sewer smell in their room, also.

We promptly asked to be moved later that day after settling in, and it took two days to get it. After many stalling tactics by desk staff, the manager finally interceded and assisted us with the move and placed us on the refurbished 5th floor, 2 rooms side by side, with new paint and fresh linens and furnishings. We had an awesome ocean view for the remainder of our stay and enjoyed fresh air and the sound of the ocean waves throughout the night. TV reception was also better in this locat1on of the hotel. Thumbs up for the manager at least trying to make our stay more enjoyable and comfortable.

The staff was wonderful in all categories except for the restaurant staff and the little glitch at check in. They were slow and indifferent. It was clear they wanted us to use the buffet and not order from the menu. But the buffet is over priced for one person. $15 to $18 bucks for each meal. I personally would have to eat like a cow to get my money's worth for that deal. My husband and I could eat for far less than that, feeding 2 people for about $10 to $15 bucks. The food was marginal at best and many times we did not get what we ordered. After a few times of that we never ate there again for the rest of our stay.

Our room did not come with mini bar, refrigerator or hairdryer as advertised yet we did have a hairdryer in the room we moved from. The lights did not work in the bathroom sink area entire time. I have no doubt if we complained they would have fixed it, but some things to us, just don't matter. I'm not a high maintenance person, so lights, I could take or leave. Sometimes they would go on all by themselves as though they had a mind of their own. Hey, its Mexico. The water was hot, and the rooms cleaned very well. Maids are meticulous. The bed's are a bit hard but are better than most. Elevators could be finicky, sometimes they worked and sometimes not. High traffic times you could be waiting for an elevator...forever!

The pool was literally the public toilet, which is unfortunate since it is a very nice pool. People were clearly not using the restroom facilities but using the pool. By the end of the afternoon the pool took on a feel and look of clouded water. Stayed away after the first couple of days.

This hotel also nickels and dimes you on everything. Local calls a buck a minute...coffee in your room, $3. per day. Water bottles provided, $2. per day each. For the prices charged, all of these things should be complimentary. We finally discovered, get your first cup of coffee from the restaurant first thing in the morning and they will give it to you free. Only thing complimentary with your stay is the safe box for valuables. Avoid check in and check out times or else you will never get in to your box.

Restaurants also advertised were not open entire time we were there. Menu limited and only La Palapa was open entire stay. Pretty boring if you go the all inclusive plan. Not recommended. Many good restaurants available in town. They also were nasty about how you dressed when coming in off the beach or poolside. We found this hotel to have too many rules and not enough freedom to enjoy the vacation you paid for. We started to feel as though we were staying on a compound.

After many problems and disappointments with Radisson we spent remainder of vacation at La Ropa beach and had a very special time with the people, and the food was excellent and cheap prices. Very relaxing. We only used the Radisson as a place to sleep at the end.

Overall this hotel needs much work, the staff for the most part is wonderful and friendly and quick to accomodate your every need. The restaurants need to be opened to the guest and to lighten up on attire during the day. This hotel is not high end, yet they try to pretend that they are with the shirt and shoes policy in an open air restaurant, beachside. The pool needs some serious cleaning at days end.

We do not expect much from Mexican hotels since we know their standards of hotel ratings are far different from the states, but we love them for their tradition, decor and colors, not for glitz and shine, as long as they are clean, maintained and friendly staff is all we ever want or need on our Mexico vacations.

Towels were easily changed out at the end of the day for fresh one's to take to wherever you chose to spend your day. You can do this all the time and just return towels to desk at check out.

Check out was the saving grace for this hotel. It was quick and easy, no problems with delayed departure in our rooms, and literally made the end of our stay a nice end to an othewise disappointing hotel accomodation. With TLC and better dining this hotel could reach a 5 star status honestly, but for right now, I would give the Radisson a 2 STAR tops.

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