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Escrito por lucy desde (?) el día domingo, 05 de febrero, 2006 a las 18:32:22 horas :

Returned from 3 weeks at the Krystal Hotel where we have stayed in January for 15 years. The hotel is no longer top of the line as it was when we first went there. Guests from Mexico conferred with the new manager for over an hour with complaints and found out just what we had already been told. The hotel is changing direction to all inclusive(which is not for us) and does not seem to be particularly interested in the long term return guests.

Even though they say rooms have been redone, what they did was put in new, very basic furniture. We did not feel the general cleanliness of the rooms met standards, washcloths and hand towels were nearly impossible to obtain, double bed sheets were used on king beds so they barely covered the mattress top, sheets were not changed every day, there was a nut shell on our floor when we check in and it was there until 2 days before we checked out. People on all floors had basically the same complaints about cleanliness.

The pool and beach situation was by far the worst we have ever seen at this hotel. Pool chairs were taken by 7AM. The palapas could be reserved for $20/day or you could stand in line for over an hour in the afternoon for one not already paid for and maybe get one for the next day. Most people paid the $20 rather than ruin an afternoon in line so there were not many palapas available that way. However, paying didn't always insure a palapa as some were double booked. We think the hotel found a new source of revenue and will continue this charge.

We are hopeful but certainly not sure, that management will intervene and substantially improve this hotel to its previous standards.

We did enjoy our time in Ixtapa, eating at various restaurants, meeting friends, walking the beautiful beach, observing the lovely sunsets and plan to return.

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