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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día lunes, 06 de febrero, 2006 a las 10:53:18 horas :

Perhaps instead of questioning why we should not inform readers of this message board, not all of whom are tourists, about local acts of violence, pollution, ecocide, land thievery, or any other of the social ills our community suffers that are unattractive and counterproductive to tourism, from which our community makes its living, I suggest that it would be more prudent to ask the authorities what they are doing to halt these alarming trends. The people who own and operate hotels, time shares, condominiums, restaurants, and vacation rental properties, and who reap the greatest benefits of our tourist industry are the ones who should be demanding positive actions and results from the municipal, state and federal authorities instead of simply taking their money to the bank while watching the place go to hell in a handbasket. And those who know and love Zihuatanejo precisely because it has always been a tranquil and ecologically beautiful place to vacation as well as to live, if they care to help, should also be contacting the "responsible authorities" to demand concrete actions to combat the alarming trends toward anarchy, chaos, land swindles, and ecocide that we have been witnessing in recent years.

Some places to start are with the Dirección de Turismo del H. Ayuntamiento Municipal de José Azueta at , La Secretaría General de Gobierno del Estado de Guerrero, Lic. Armando Chavarria Barrera at , Secretaría de Turismo (federal) Lic. Rudolfo Elizondo Torres at and Buzón de Atención Ciudadana.

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