Trip Report-day 2

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Escrito por TTfrom MN desde ( el día martes, 07 de febrero, 2006 a las 23:13:17 horas :

Day two trip report. Woke up to a beautiful day in paradise. Clear sky, sounds of the breakers from the beach. Took an early morning stroll on the beach before heading to the Onyx for breakfast (ham and cheese omelet and fresh squeezed orange juice). Watch the mini buses drop off the locals for work and take in the atmosphere of the boulevard. Stop off at the cambrio to exchange dollars (10.32) and head back to the Krystal to pick up gear for a day at Los Gatos. New building at the naval pier! Minutes later we arrived at Las Gatos and found are way down to Marioís Brisas Del Mar (our personal favorite hang out). Headed out for an early snorkel to see what the reef had to offer. Good variety of fish as well as a stingray and a small octopus. Returned from the snorkeling to find my wife picking out new anklets and bracelets from Juanita. She is a true artist when it comes to bead work. My wife has bracelets and necklaces that Juanita has made that are 5+ years old. Settled in for a day of complete relaxation (almost fell asleep a couple of times). Had to have a pineapple made into a rum drink before hydrating with Coronas. Met an interesting family from WI and shared our barbequed Red Snapper lunch with them. Weather was perfect with a few high wispy clouds. 4 oíclock and its time to head back. Joined the rest of the group at their palapa at the Krystal to plan dinner. High waves brought a boogie boarder to harm in front of us. We have several nurses in our group and they went to his aid before he was carted off on a back board. I hope he is OK. The waves of Ixtapa are dangerous to even the experienced! Headed off to Reubenís for a most delicious burger for dinner. OK itís not gourmet but it sure hits the spot when you need a burger fix. Off to the Krystal for an early bedtime as D and I are going fishing in the morning with Captain Chico on the Llamarada. More to come!

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