Trip Report-day 3

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Escrito por TT from MN desde ( el día miťrcoles, 08 de febrero, 2006 a las 19:06:04 horas :

Day three trip report. Woke at 5AM. Nobody awake except for pool ghouls. Two cabs waiting today, so I didnít have to flag one off the boulevard. Arrived at the pier at 6AM. Stray cats were lined up by the bait ladies looking for a hand out. Headed out for a day of fishing while still dark. Sun started to rise as we hit the blue water (estimated 3-4 miles). Sorry no fish stories to tell today. Saw a few being landed by other boats, but just generally slow fishing. A day on the ocean always is better than a day at home or work. We didnít fish with Captain Chico as planned (more on this subject later). We fished with Captain Louis aboard the Michell. The captain and his first mate Carlos, did a noble job of keeping the bait fresh and the lures changed as necessary. Headed back to the Krystal for a dip in the pool and ran into my seatmate on the flight and her husband. Turns out that the guy that got carried of the beach yesterday was with the part of their group that is staying here. Supposedly he was getting a MRI today. Still canít get him sit up for a plane ride home yet. Ya we went to C & Cís for the 4 oíclock shuffle. Ran into friends (from WI) that we met at the airport 3 years ago, and have coincidently have left on every flight we have left since then. We hang together at the airport bar and swap stories. Heading out for dinner at Daniels to discuss fishing business with a friend of a relative who is trying to get us on another charter. Will have to stop at Rickís Bar to see how things are going with his new spot lights. More to come later! P.S. Jo you better get down here soon were getting pretty tan.

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