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Escrito por Jenni desde ( el día jueves, 09 de febrero, 2006 a las 21:48:37 horas :

Day 0 – Finally leaving for Zihua. After an unanticipated stop for fuel in McCallan,TX we arrived about 1 pm. Immigration was very efficient this year, we were thru the line, grabbed our bags, greenlight thru Customs (YEAH!) and out the door. We traveled with Apple Vacations. Since there were so few of us, on the charter, staying in Zihua, no need to wait for the big bus, 8 of us plus luggage fit snuggly into a Suburban. Check-in at Hotel Irma was quick and our room was ready. I have to say the first sight of the stairs was a little intimidating as we were on the 6th floor. It was not bad at all, once you started up. Our room was spacious and very clean and the view from our the balcony was just beautiful. Walked into to town to see everything and stop for a drink at Bandido’s. Then off to Commercial Mexicana. Picked up 2 “bag” chairs, a cooler, beer, water, rolls, cheese, salami & snacks. Now we were all set. Unfortunately we decided on a nap that did not end til 11 pm :{
Day 1- Up early and watched the sunrise from our balcony. Went to La Casa Café for breakfast. juice, coffee and 2 full breakfasts $105. Packed a cooler and our chairs and spent the day on Playa Madera. The surf is perfect there for swimming. We found the water and the beach very clean. Watched the kids playing soccer and the workmen building the walkway. Had a limon raspados (sp?) that was the perfect treat. Dinner that night at Marina Café. Kent had Meatloaf with mashed potatoes, I had Pasta Bolognese, with 4 cervezas $260. Both the service and the meal were very good.

Day 2- Kent walked to the pier early to see if he could find our fishing captain, Bejamin or Ed Kunze. No luck finding either but lots of activity on the pier. Seems there was a Rolex tournament going on. It seemed unlikely that we were going to be able to get a boat at all this week. Went to Banana’s for breakfast had chiliquiles (they are as good as everyone said) and pancakes with ham, juice and coffee. $ 121 Talking to the couple next to us we find out it is Joe and Nancy, from MI , who we had arranged, thru the message board, to have lunch with the next day. Spent the rest of the day at Playa Madera and back to the pool in the late afternoon. Seems to be a good pattern. Bandido’s for dinner and the playoff game. As always Marcos, Enrique and the rest of the staff take very good care of us. Ran into our favorite young vendor, Salvador. He has small trinkets that are perfect for gifts to take home. I have to pace myself as we usually run into him every day or 2. Tonight is was carved stone frogs ….. We had guacamole, spinach salads and molcajetes with shrimp. Also many russo blancos and cervezas. $550 We were the only people cheering on the Jaguars but still had a great time. On the walk back we stopped at the Zocala to listen to the music and had great homemade flan. The walk up the hill and the stairs was a little harder tonight.

Day 3- Up early again, Kent spotted a small pod of dolphins playing around the sailboats. Stayed at the hotel for breakfast this morning. Chilaquiles, pancakes, grapefruit juice and coffee $170. As we ate the cruise ship came in. I could not believe how big it looked once it was right there. Walked into town to the Bancomer and cashed traveler’s checks. No problems, and the wait was not bad because the air conditioning felt so good. Over to the Mercado. It was almost too much to take in. Tried aguas frescas and really liked it. In the market we bought the best string cheese $50 for ½ kilo. Then to Tamales to meet the group from MI. We were surprised to find a sign that they were closed from 12-2. Found out they have a private party and show for people from the cruise ship on Mondays. Walked over to Casa Arcadia. It was perfect, a shady table in the sand. Pescadillos, quesadilla and a bucket of beer $120. Had a great time meeting everyone that we had “talked” to on the message board. We still had not heard back from Ed, so we walked down to the pier to see a captain that Dave knew. Alejandro of the Vargas fleet can take us out but not til next week. Back to the pool to cool down. On a recommendation we went to Salvador’s for dinner.On Adelita at the steps to the footbridge going over to La Boquita. Very small and good! Chile rellenos with shrimp, fish fillet dinner and 4 cervezas $150.

Day 4- Kent up early to try some surf fishing. Didn’t catch anything but crabs snapping off his bait. It was laundry day. We walked to the Lavanderia on La Boquita, 7 kilos $ 105. On the walk back stopped for breakfast at La Casa Café. Pancakes, French toast and coffee $65. Then stopped at the juice stand for fresh squeezed OJ. Wow was it good 2 for $30. The rest of the day we were lazy by the pool. Back into town to pick up our laundry and Tamales for dinner. Chile Rellenos, pork tamale 3 cervezas and a soda $159. Stopped up at Blue Mamou to meet the MI group. The music was awesome !

Day 5- Since we could not fish this week, we decided to do a bigger day trip tour than we normally would. ($350 US for 2 of us) Ivan the Funjet rep. at our hotel was very helpful in getting this set up and even came to meet us to make sure we got off ok. We were picked up at 5:50 AM. We went up into the mountains to Santa Clara de Cobre, Patzcuaro and Morelia. Way too much to write about here. Just email for more info. Definitely worth it. It was such a different look at Mexico. Just a glimpse but somewhere we hope to spend a couple of days next year. Did not get back until 9:30 that night. My butt was tired from sitting in the car so long !

Day 6- Lazy day today….Breakfast and lunch at the hotel and hanging out at the pool . read and napped all day :-) Went to Pozole Alley for dinner with our “neighbors” from CA. I don’t know what the name of the restaurant was but it was about ½ way down the street, across from a vacant lot. The pozole was really good, 4 cervezas and 4 large bowls of pozole $90. Stopped for an ice cream and then wandered back on the walkway.

In past years we had stayed in Ixtapa. We found Zihua to be much more our style and discoved we really had not seen much of it in past years. Everyone we met was friendly and helpful and patient. My favorite phrase became " como se dice en espanol?" I learned so much that way, and hope to continue to practice so I can speak better on my next trip.

As I emailed home to someone..."Zihuatanejo is good for the soul"
Week 2 to follow……..

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