Trip Report-day 4

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Escrito por TT from MN desde ( el día jueves, 09 de febrero, 2006 a las 23:37:15 horas :

Day four trip report. Letís back-up to day 3. Dinner at Danielís was an exceptional treat as the friend that we met there had brought fresh Mahi-Mahi, caught that day. For those of you that have eaten fresh caught fish vs. frozen (even a short time) know the difference. It was magnificent! Danielís prepared it 3 ways, garlic & butter, barbeque sauce, and a light habanero sauce (my favorite). After dinner we stopped at Rickís (no he hasnít hung his new lights yet) and watched Josie do her thing. She is good!!! Rumor has it that the two doo-wop girls are in town and they will be appearing on Friday jam night. Rick might be up on stage with them. More on this later. On to day four. Awoke at 7AM to surf crashing and the sun rising. Headed over to the Golden Cookie for breakfast. We all miss Esther, but the food was great as always. Again we went to Los Gatos to spend the day with Mario at Brisas Del Mar. Cruise ship in the harbor was a bummer as it seemed to stir up a lot of silt from the bottom which made for cloudy water conditions, however we spotted 5+ stingrays and the fish count was average or better for snorkeling. Met a couple on the water taxi from Winnipeg and talked them into joining us at Marioís. Had to do the massage thing. Right next to Marioís there is a massage business that we have used over the years. I highly recommend them. This is the best money spent every year! For lunch Mario prepared for us his specialty, Ĺ pineapple hollowed out and filled with chicken, peppers, onions, tomato, shrimp, and topped with cheese (baked to perfection). More than enough for all of us as well as Juanita our bead gal. Marioís family came out today and it was fun to see how much the kids have grown! The cruise ship left early (thank you) and the scenery improved. They need to anchor those beasts somewhere out of the bay. Headed back to the Krystal at 4 PM for a dip and to touch base with those that didnít make it to Los Gatos. Heard through the grape vine that the injured boogie board guy was still in the hospital, but OK? Headed up to our room only to find that it still was in the process of being cleaned at 5:30 PM. (note to Krystal, your service is no longer up to par with the other hotels on the strip. In 2003 when we where last here you were a top notch hotel. This is no longer true.) We decided to head over to LaGuna in Ixtapa for dinner. We ate there last year and it was very good. This year we were seated , our drink order was taken , and when we started to order our dinner, our waiter left in mid sentence to seat another couple and proceeded to take their drink order and then went on to take a later seated tables food order. We protested, but to deaf ears. We got up and left! We will not be returning. Dinner at Senor Frogs was excellent. Ran into Enrique our favorite waiter at C & Cís who was visiting SF. Promised to stop by on Saturday and see him at C & Cís. General info on the new Amara condoís next-door. The construction doesnít start until 8 AM and I have not heard any noises that are overwhelming. The Dorado will have a few rooms on the north side that will have a restricted view when looking due north as well as the south side of the Krystal when looking due south. When you are in these rooms you will be looking at the ocean and the far angle views should not be that big of a deal. IMHO. Tomorrow we will be heading over to Isle Ixtapa as one of our gang has to leave on Monday and we need to show her the area. We are going to try out Chile Beanís for breakfast tomorrow. More to come!

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