Trip Report-day 5

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Escrito por TT from MN desde ( el día sábado, 11 de febrero, 2006 a las 00:59:49 horas :

Day five trip report. Isle Ixtapa trip was postponed as women of group declared a shopping holiday and all men were sequestered to the palapa area and ordered to hand over all available pesos. We are the rulers of our domain. Ya Right! Well anyway we did eat breakfast at Chili Bean’s (Deborah’s new place) and it was good and reasonably priced. The breakfast special (juice, eggs, beans, chiliquies, and toast) was quite good @ 5$. Omelets were $3.50. Onyx are you taking notes on these prices. A day at the beach turned out to be quite relaxing. The high tide produced waves that we have not experienced in the past. They washed up to within inches of the palapa area. Creating small tidal pools on the upper areas of the beach, they drained off in short order. Boogie boarders and body surfers beware as the waves are stronger than anything we have seen before. The beach scene was quite busy with all hotels booking at near capacity. Our room was cleaned early today and the last few days that it was cleaned late may be more to do with the weekend holiday that the nationals have been celebrating. Met L & M on the beach and compared notes on our hotels only to determine that there is a catastrophic shortage of washcloths in the state of GRO. A warning to all gringo’s who desire the use of a washcloth, bring one from home and hide it from the maid. Or better yet bring many and sell them!!! We all met up for cocktails at D & S’s room before dinner. Watching the construction workers from their balcony was interesting! Mexico does things in a different way! D & S and the balance of the group headed to the marina for dinner and we went to Z-town. Now I have a policy of not eating at a single place more than twice on a trip, but that rule was broken last year at “El Mediterraneo”. Their tuna sushimi with soya wasabi ($13.00USD) is the best tuna that I have ever eaten! Again I had to check out this marvelous dish tonight and was not disappointed. I will have to modify my rules as I will surely be back for more. Wife had the Fettuccini Alfredo with chicken and it was excellent as well. ($9.50USD). P.S. We shared the flan and it too was out of his world. I will get back to you on the dinners at the Marina Ixtapa tomorrow. Stopped at Rick’s Bar in hopes of meeting up with our fishing friend of relative that didn’t show. Jam night at Rick’s is great!! Place was packed and the talent was impressive!! P.S. they have a very good Margarita there. More to come!

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