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Escrito por ses desde (netcache-3004.bay.webtv.net) el día sábado, 11 de febrero, 2006 a las 14:49:53 horas :

just got back fromm 3 week trip to Ixtapa. Been there many, many times and always look forward to the next trip. These are my observations for 2006. Taxi fares are NOT regulated. Once more we have to ask the fare BEFORE we enter the taxi. Most of the restaurants in Ixtapa have become tourist traps in the worst sense. Other than Soliedo that prides itself on quality and service, Zihua is your best bet for good food, fair prices and wonderful service. Our favorites are Rossy's, La Chuleta, Bay Club, Casa Bahia. The restaurants in Ixtapa may be hurting with the AI hotels, but our experience was not very good. Overpriced food and inferior service should not be acceptable no matter where one is vacationing. Ixtapa restaurants have become one major rip off!! Any restaurant in Zihua would be a better choice. Would be interested in other opinions. ses

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