Trip Report-day 6

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Escrito por TT from MN desde ( el día sábado, 11 de febrero, 2006 a las 22:45:33 horas :

Day six trip report. Awoke to light cloud cover that rolled in yesterday afternoon. Again high tides and large waves. Breakfast a Chili Beans (omelets and French toast) tasty and reasonably priced. The Bank across the street was slow to open as they seemed to have computer problems. After waiting ˝ hour we gave up. Could have been a satellite problem, as calling long distance was a problem also. For now the maid and wash cloth issue at the Krystal has ended with an abundance of both. Today we went to Isle Ixtapa!! The new pier at Playa Linda is up and running. Playa Linda had more RV’s than we have ever seen in the past. The pier is a hot spot for locals fishing with hand lines. Headed to the Coral Beach to find Francisco waiting for us. Snorkeling was as good as or better than I’ve seen in 9 years. Surprisingly there were very few people at the Isle. A few groups of nationals but few tourists. We have a theory on this year’s behavior of tourists in Ixtapa. Since so many of the people that booked this year have come from Cancun, they are just used to staying at the hotel complexes and not doing anything. Isle and Los Gatos are relatively quite compared to previous years. Excellent BBQ’d red snapper and shrimp made it a 5 star day at the Isle. Back to the Krystal for a dip and cocktails before dinner. Four more arrived on today’s flight. Did another trip to Reuben’s due to late start for dinner and the convenience of something close that didn’t require shoes, as some had come by beach sans shoes. Weather has been consistently hot (mid to upper 80’s, maybe more). The breezes off the ocean make it comfortable, and today there was a really nice breeze. Tomorrow is a palapa day to let the newbie’s get acclimatized. Some of us will head for Z-town for dinner, while others are going to Villa de La Selva tomorrow as we send one person back to reality on Monday. More to come!

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