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Escrito por Stacy from SD desde ( el día lunes, 13 de febrero, 2006 a las 17:28:19 horas :

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I have done this a lot, largely unsuccessfully, but nonetheless I'll share some of what I have learned along the way.

If you are going to be fishing for roosters or jacks(or anything for that matter) from the beach at la Barra or troncones, you want and need to be able to make a VERY long cast. You need a long(10-12 feet) rod with a reel capable of holding 300+ yards of 25 or 30 lb line. The roosters like topwater baits(roberts rangers, poppers, etc) retrieved at high speed(fast enough to skip it across the surface), so get a reel with a high gear ratio so you don't wear yourself out. Don't slow down if you see one following your bait. Also a graphite rod is a lot less physically taxing and easier to cast for distance than a fiberglass rod. Use spectra line and make sure your spool is perfectly full. Use some mono backer under 100 yards of spectra if you don't want to pay the 50 bucks for a full spool of spectra. Just using spectra instead of mono will put 100 feet on your cast and if you fish long enough, at some point you will want that extra 100 feet and probably 100 more. It's the worst thing to be at the beach with the big fish running just out of range. When using that spectra, you want to have some protection on your casting finger or it'll get real sore. If you cut the fingers off of a kitchen glove, they work pretty well, so do sections of bike innertube. Tape them on if you need to.

Bring along some smaller kastmasters or crankbaits to throw if the big fish aren't around. There's usually something that will grab a smaller bait. They'll also work well inside the bay and around the rocks.

If you just want to fish the rocks around the bay, all you need is a fanta bottle, 100 feet of line wrapped around it, some small hooks, some lead and cut bait of some kind. I always bring some extra line or tackle for trading purposes. It can be better than currency if you find another fisherman that has the perfect bait, and better yet, you will make a friend for life if you toss a kid a hook and 50 feet of line.

Let us know how you do!

Hope that helps.
Good luck!

Here's me. Note the 13 ft, 11 lb fiberglass backbreaker.

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