Trip Report-day 8

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Escrito por TT from MN desde ( el día lunes, 13 de febrero, 2006 a las 21:22:57 horas :

Day eight trip report. Again breakfast at Chili Bean’s, no need to go into details here, you already know the drill. The ½ of group that went to Villa De La Selva last night reported excellent food and a great sunset. Said our goodbye’s to Petey, as she leaves on the Champion flight today. The same one that brings in J & J. Off to Las Gatos again. Went over on one of the first boats of the day. Snorkeling was great, good fish count and even saw a small Morey Eel. Met 2 groups of people from Canada, who were a lot of fun. Ran into L & M there and compared trip details. Will try to hook up with them at VDLS tomorrow. Brought my digital thermometer today and it was a balmy 93 deg. in the shade with very light breezes. Moved into the shade as the afternoon progressed. Had a great massage and an excellent lunch with Mario. (shrimp tacos and guacamole with chips) Back to the Krystal for a dip in the pool and shower before heading out. I know I’ll take a lot of flack for admitting this, but we ate at Subway tonight as it was convenient and cheap. Toured the tourist market in Ixtapa before heading back to the hotel. P.S. I failed to note that I’ve stopped at the little ice cream stand attached to the Onyx the last couple of nights to sample my #1 favorite Rum & Raisin. The whole group wants to go to Las Gatos tomorrow as J & J are here. Juanita and Mario are anxiously awaiting our arrival. Word from the Dorado is that the pool chair and palapa scene are no better than the Krystal. More to Come.

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