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Escrito por Nathaniel desde ( el día martes, 14 de febrero, 2006 a las 21:48:22 horas :

En respuesta a: Shore Fishing escrito por Fishin' desde ( el día domingo, 12 de febrero, 2006 a las 20:39:17 horas :

Hi you lucky fisherman. Just got back from Z last weekend. Had acouple surf rods with and tried down at La barra de potosi 2 different days with no luck this year. Last year we caught a couple nice amberjacks around 20 lbs on spoons casted into the schools of baitfish (doin the wave as they came down the beach, just watch for the birds and the natives following the same school and cast right out into the mess or just ahead of it). However this year there seemed to be so much baitfish in the area that there wasnt the same "chase " going on. I thought i saw apost on here a few days ago that said they had some luck on playa linda so you might try that. Good luck and have fun. lucky enough while out deepsea fishin to pull in anice 240 lb blue marlin this year, our second overall. Seems like a few more marlins than usual this year and maybe a few less sailfish. Wish I was going back right now, we have a cold front moving into Minnesota. Adios, amigo!

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