Trip Report-day 9

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Escrito por TT from MN desde ( el día martes, 14 de febrero, 2006 a las 21:58:10 horas :

Day nine trip report. Breakfast at Chili Beanís was great as usual. Tried the banana pancakes and was not disappointed! Exchanged money at the cambrio by Reubenís. (10.39) The whole group headed over to Las Gatos today and was rewarded with a beautiful day. Temperature hit 95 deg. at about 1 PM. Breezes keep everyone comfortable. Snorkeling was good as I spotted a Barracuda (I believe), a weird looking needle fish with a paddle nose about three feet long and a very large stingray as well as a good count of normal reef fish. Met some people at Marioís who have been following my previous postings before they arrived. Juanita met up with Jo and others that had not seen her yet this trip and had a good day. Two of Marioís children came over with his wife today. Little Mario is quite cute and when we meet he always shakes my hand. Today his daughter brought my wife a rose and little Mario brought me a chocolate snack. Lunch was fantastic with the choice of the day being Marioís special baked pineapple. We called it a day at 3:30 as we needed to head back and clean up for Villa De La Selva. We all met in lobby for photos before heading out for 6 PM reservations. For those of you that have eaten here, you know that the sunset is as outstanding as the food. Wife and I had the shrimp cocktail with avocado for a starter. She had the shrimp fettuccini made with cilantro (in the pasta, yummy), and I had the seafood linguini also very good. The surf and turf was excellent as was the filet of beef. L & M were there and had an excellent table so they didnít need to join us. Vanilla cream brule topped of the evening for us. The Lemurís (I think thatís what they are) made their appearance as we were leaving and kept us entertained. Donít worry; they stay in the trees and on the walkways below the seating area. High speed cab ride brought us back to hotel for an early night in. Staying on the Costa Real (now Tesoro) side of hotel means that we enjoy (sometimes) their entertainment spectacle, which themes change nightly. As our countdown to returning to reality is beginning, we will again be going back to Las Gatos for that laid back beach experience that draws us here to begin with. More to come!

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