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Stayed at the Irma from 2/4 Ė 2/11

I got a lot of information from the board so I felt obligated to pass some alone. Most information form the board was good some not as good. Donít rely on the directions that are given. Donít do like I did and forget the map, take it with you.

Zihuatanejo is a beautiful place to go. There were very visible police with armed military next to the banks. More police visible when the cruise ship was in. The town felt very safe and we walked every where. Banks provided the best exchange rate with the bank ATM being the fastest. There was a $7.50 peso charge.

The Irma is nice hotel very convenient, friendly staff and great views. This was a good choice very easy to get into town, basic rooms but comfortable. Our room was on the 5th floor a few steps up but not bad. The only down side was that it was almost at the end and the hill rises up so it was closer to the road. There wasnít much traffic at night and by the time you could hear any noise we were usually up and gone. About the only down side was that the people in the room next door ran the AC a lot so it sometimes was a little noisy to be on the balcony. The last block before the hotel is a little steep so be prepared. The hotel had happy hour every night from 5-7 with 2 for 1 drinks. Two drinks for 30 pesos ($3) Deal. Also Salvadorís is a good place to get a beer ($8 pesos) on the way back to the hotel. It is the first little open air restaurant on the road to the hotel right next to the foot bridge.

You could walk down the steps to the beach but the easier way was to go down the road a block and take the beach access. The beach walk went all the way to town. Most days we took the road, crossed the first foot bridge, went across the street, made a right went about a block to the bakery. They make great pineapple turnovers that usually just came out of the oven, good sugar cookies too.

We are not big breakfast eaters, so most mornings something from the bakery fresh juice from one of the stands in town (10 pesos) usually on Nicolas Bravo and we were set. You could get juice about a block from the hotel for 15 pesos but besides being a little more it wasnít as good. We did have breakfast at the Case Cafť just a block or so from the hotel, Bananas and DoŮa Lichi. Although they were all pretty good, by far DoŮa Lichi was the best. They serve hand mad tortillas. This restaurant is on Los Cocos. Los Cocos is the street behind the Market and the restaurant is down a couple of blocks. It is shorter to come from the other way. Be advised that the maps off of the internet arenít exactly right.

We ate dinner at the hotel the first night. It was good but not great. Then tried Los Braseros, Tamales Any, and Sanka Grill. Los Braseros was by far the best. As many Mexicans there as gringos. Try their specialty (grilled meats and tortillas). You wonít go away hungry or disappointed. The night we ate at the Sank Grill one waiter was doing the whole place. Good thing we got there early.

Had dinner at Patys Marimar on the beach on Playa La Rope next to the Mexicana. Hotel The food was great and the tables were right on the beach. All of the restaurants were very reasonable. Dinner for 2.a couple of drinks, desert at Los Braseros and tip $30 are less. You can eat as cheap or expensive as you like. It doesnít have to cost a lot to be good

The hotel didnít really provide box lunches (for fishing) so we got a half a chicken at Pollo Feliz, a big stack of tortillas and salsa for $40 pesos. Should have added an avocado from the market.

Take the bus to Petatlan 12 pesos a person. This is a great way to see the town and the country side. Catch it behind the market.

Went to Playa Las Gatas by water taxi, 30 pesos round trip from the pier... Stopped at Tres Palmas, free, just buy some drinks and maybe lunch, NOT. Wasnít going to eat there and when we wee ready to leave it was 200 pesos for to waters and a beer. Others had the same experience. I should have told the waiter no way but figured it wasnít worth it. Great beach anyway

Book your fishing before you leave home. That way you have a reservation and are ready to go. The day we fished was a little slow but we did manage to catch and release a good sized Sailfish.

The vacation was way to short.

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