Trip Report 2/3/06 - 2/10/06

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Escrito por Jay desde ( el día miércoles, 15 de febrero, 2006 a las 22:44:33 horas :

My wife and I just returned from 7 nights at Villa Mexicana. It is our second stay in two years. We had been a little apprehensive after reading some recent posts that Villa Mexicana was not up to its previous standards. However, we found it to be the same clean, wonderful place with friendly, helpful staff. To paraphrase Mark Twain, the reports of its death have been greatly overexagerated.

Likewise we had read some of the reports about both crime and dirty beaches. Again, we found these reports to be inaccurate. We felt as safe as ever and found LaRopa to be clean and beautiful.

We visited some favorite restaurants - Puerta Del Sol and Tamales Any being two of them and found a new one to add to our list - Los Braseros.

Our only real food disappointment was La Perla. My wife's meal was good, mine was adequate, but the service was surprising. The waitress seemed to be in a foul mood and sat us without speaking. She took our order and was never seen again. A different waiter brought our food. When we were finished eating he took our plates. Without asking about desert or waiting for us to ask for the check, he brought the check, set it down and stood there until we got our money out. It almost seemed as if we had offended them some way, but I can't imagine how.

Aside from that experience everyone was friendly as hepful as usual.

Unfortunately I came down with a fever and cold a couple days into our stay. My wife was pretty worried about my fever and was unsure about getting any medication for me since neither of us speaks Spanish. We had booked our trip through Apple Vacations. She happened to catch our Apple representative (thanks Oscar!) and was going to ask about where to find a pharmacy. Instead the rep phoned the pharmacy and got a recommendation of medicines from the pharmacist. The pharmacy then delivered the medication within 20 minutes. All for less than $9! Now that's incredible service.

I didn't enjoy the head cold, but it was easier to take laying on La Ropa than freezing in Wisconsin!

If you are looking for the Four Seasons, Villa Mexicana isn't it. But if you want a clean room, with friendly staff just seconds from a beautiful beach and warm sun, then this is the place.

We are already looking forward to getting back.

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