Trip Report-day 10

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Escrito por TT from MN desde ( el día miércoles, 15 de febrero, 2006 a las 23:54:51 horas :

Day ten trip report. Breakfast at Chili Bean’s. Banana pancakes and French toast were very good! This place is becoming popular, so come early or you may have to wait a minute or two to be seated. Exchanged money at cambrio. (10.41) Didn’t make it to Las Gatas as planned. Wife declared it a palapa day as we were baked by the sun the two previous days. Sorry Mario, we’ll be there tomorrow! Basically after a short reading session we slept the day away. (Note to self, don’t fall asleep in sun without sunscreen) All palapa days are basically coca light days, which is a nice break from hydrating with Corona. Temperature on Ixtapa beach is tempered by breeze off ocean. It only hit 87 deg. Skydivers were very busy today with at least four drops. Parasailers were going strong in the afternoon breezes in spite of one person dropped in ocean by malfunctioning boat this AM. The only casualty was a wet camcorder. Ya, we did the 4 o’clock shuffle to C & C. The bulk of the group headed for Frank’s, for dinner, I think. Will get the full report tomorrow. We went to Tamales Any in Z – town. This place is a true gem! I had the chili releno with ground beef. This was the largest stuffed chili that I have ever seen. Very, very good! Wife had cheese and chicken quesadilla. We topped these of with a flan for each of us for dessert. This dinner for two with beers and water came to $20 + tip. Money well spent! Stopped at Rick’s Bar for a night cap or two while being entertained by Josie. She’s great! We have been checking the weather back home and it looks like we’ll be returning to single digit temps or worse! Bummer! A little cold snap won’t be too hard to handle as we are returning the first week of April with daughters for spring break. Juanita will finally be able to retire after they buy every thing she can show them. Las Gatas for sure tomorrow! More to come!

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