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Escrito por Scott desde ( el día jueves, 16 de febrero, 2006 a las 01:27:03 horas :

En respuesta a: México Driving Tips escrito por El Atun Grande desde ( el día miércoles, 15 de febrero, 2006 a las 22:58:39 horas :

14. Do not assume that not having a stop sign or traffic light means you can freely proceed through an intersection without slowing down and / or yielding to traffic on the intersecting street. The intersecting cars probably don't have stop signs either.

15. When driving on a two lane highway that has a shoulder, be prepared at all times to yield to traffic passing in the oncoming direction. You are expected to drive on the shoulder not only while being passed, but to let oncoming traffic pass cars as well.

16. Remember that the reason they say not to drive at night is primarily based on concerns over animals on the road, unmarked construction areas, potholes and topes, and not due to crime.

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