Trip Report-day 11

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Escrito por TT from MN desde ( el día viernes, 17 de febrero, 2006 a las 00:14:25 horas :

Day eleven trip report. Ola amigo. We have decided to post our return tickets on e-bay and stay here forever! We will wait tables at night and drive cab during the day. Or better yet, wife will get job at Kisses and I will spend the day counting 20 peso notes on La Ropa beach. Ya right! OK here we go, breakfast at Chili beanís as usual. (Come early) Changed money at cambrio on south side of Reubenís, next to Century 21 office. (10.40) Went to Las Gatas as planned. Cruise ship in harbor! Bummer! Water was not stirred up too bad and snorkeling was good! Saw a nice Morey Eel. Dumb tourist standing on coral almost stepped on it. Would have been a justified bite on the eelís part. Snorkeling in flats before end of reef yielded good fish that I have never seen before. Before we go too far, I forgot to mention that last night at Tamales Any, I had blue corn tortias with dinner. This is a first in 9 years and eleven visits to Mexico. They were delicious. Temps at Las Gatas were up to 98 deg. in shade with drop in breeze and a steady 95 with breezes. Had another massage. (Add to job possibilities if we sell tickets) Headed back to Krystal for dip in pool and shower before hading back to Z- town for dinner. Bulk of group went on Picante booze cruise. We passed as it seems a waste of money with so many alternate romantic sunset locat1ons. Went to El Mediterraneo again for tuna and manicotti. Met up with part of group wandering town after cruise and had a night cap at Rickís during open mike night. Good talent again! Tomorrow is last full day unless e-bay comes through. We will definitely be hanging at Las Gatas! More to come!

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