Trip Report-day 12

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Escrito por TT from MN desde ( el día viernes, 17 de febrero, 2006 a las 22:33:21 horas :

Day twelve trip report. Breakfast at Chili Beanís. Again great food and fast service. Cambro stop yielded 10.33. Off to Las Gatos one last time, until April. Weather was perfect today, 91 deg. and a nice breeze! Snorkeling was good again, with good schools of fish at end of reef. Massage for both of us today, last day what can I say? Busy day at Las Gatos, with all establishments having customers. Juanita had a banner day with someone buying 65 anklets. You go girl! Hung out till 4 PM and said our farewells for now to Mario and crew. Back to Krystal for a dip and shower before meeting for dinner. All of us went to Frankís for appetizers and cocktails before splitting up and heading out for dinner. Part of the group that went on the Picante sunset (booze) cruise last night reported that they enjoyed it. Good service from the crew and a nice tour of the rock islands in front of Ixtapa while waiting for the sunset. This marks our 9th year in Ixtapa, while this might not be the destination of choice for all visitors; it works for us as we will return again next year as well as in April (Hotel Emporio) with the spring break group from our home area. Ixtapa and Z-town have changed over the years, and no place is immune to change, but we do feel that the area remains a true gem and has great value for your travel dollar. I am by no means an expert on the area and have only tried to give a taste of the daily activities available. Tomorrow we fly out to MSP and return to reality. (Work) The upside of staying at the Krystal is that they do have an open wireless signal available, (as of 2/17/06) this makes checking e-mail and other chores painless as not having to lug your laptop to an internet house. I also am pleased with T-Mobiles wireless coverage of the area. Activate your international service before leaving and the convenience only costs $1.49 a minute. Oh well, you are on vacation and you have to splurge on a few things! In spite of what T-Mobile tells you, to dial home, just dial (+/1/area code/number). Plus symbol on my phone is acquired by holding zero until it changes to +. Goodbye for now amigoís, be kind and generous to all who make your stay here a beautiful time! Adios!

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