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When I awoke on Sunday morning, I immediately sensed that something was amiss: A. No surf sounds from Playa La Madera and B. my left hand, which had somehow found its way out from under the covers, was cold. And then it hit me, DAMN,I'm not in Zihua anymore, I'm back home in Anchorage!

Due to a - hopefully temporary - mobility limitation, we didn't get around as much as we would have liked, but through the kindness of friends, numerous cab rides and some cautious shuffling about, we did manage to get out a bit. In order to end on an up-note, first the lowlites:
That pipe that Rob reported several months ago as spewing raw sewage into the bay near the museum, is still doing just that. That the powers-that-be continue to allow this to happen, especially in an area whose economy depends largely on tourism, while continuing to issue building permits, is truly outrageous. We found that prices continue to rise, notably cab fares, from the airport as well as around town. Prices also seem to be up at several of the restaurants we visited; in some cases prices were equal to those of some places at home.

We dined well at several restaurants we were familiar with, such as La Gula, Tamales y Atoles "Any", El Costeno, La Mordida, Daniel's, Jarocho, El Manglar, Il Mare, Caprichos and Casa Bahia. And also at several new ones - to us, anyway: Mi Chayito for Chinese food with LadyM and her mom, Casa Vieja, Sirena Gorda and La Condessa in Barra de Potosi. All were good. For Valentine's Day dinner we had reservations at Amuleto. This was decidedly a mixed bag. Their margaritas are still the best we've had in Zihua. I had an excellent chilled roasted red pepper soup and a great scallop salad. The entree, on the other hand, was a different matter: a small, odd looking and overcooked piece of lamb floating in a puddle of mashed potatoes. It reminded me of something I'd seen lying on the Iditarod Trail after the dog teams have passed through. For US$ 80.00 per person, I would have expected better. The 4 of us shared a US$55.00 bottle of Chilean Merlot, which was also rather disappointing. That is not to say that we won't be back. On the contrary, the ambience of Amuleto can't be beat, and we'll return again next winter. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that we saw what looked like a humpback whale feeding for quite a while at the mouth of the bay; a real treat.

Other things worth mentioning: as a result of Stew's frequent singing the praises of the restaurants on Pozole Alley, we finally had dinner there at Ricomar. Great food and very reasonable prices. We never spotted Senor Gunnysack during out 16 day stay, but we did see the local crocodile wrangler a couple of times on the Paseo, where he was showing off a croc or a caiman which must have been at least 4 feet long. We enjoyed a picnic with a friend at her property on Playa Blanca and spent 2 days and a night at Casa del Encanto in Barra de Potosi, where we enjoyed the company of several fellow guests and that of the charming hostess, Laura Kelly. We intend to spend more time there next winter. We spent a day at sea with Luis Maciel looking for tuna, who had apparently taken the day off. We did hook a couple of sailfish which we were able to release unharmed. The highlight of the day was getting into the middle of a school of dolphin who swam along with us for a few minutes. And now it's back to plotting our return.

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