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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día viernes, 15 de abril, 2005 a las 11:52:19 horas :

One of our local squatter communities that has received financial assistance from mostly foreigners who claim to be helping the children by building a school and donating resources was recently caught using fraudulent practices to fool authorities (they've already fooled the foreigners) into relocating them from "high-risk" lots to new lots by apparently taking turns occupying the same shack located in a high-risk zone. When authorities relocate these people to a new lot under the pretense of removing them from a high-risk area, more move in and the cycle of deceit and incompetence begins again and more of our ecological zone is lost. Now the children of squatters are getting into the act and obtaining lots for themselves through these deceptive practices, always being sure to take advantage of people wanting to "help the poor."

Although our mayor declared "not one more squatter house will be tolerated" when he entered office, he also won a few thousand votes by stating that since he didn't put existing squatters where they are he didn't feel obliged to remove them. That was like lighting up a big neon banner saying "squatters welcome!" We have had as many or more land invasions in the past 3 years than the previous 10 years, and the problem is more acute than ever.

Meanwhile, well-meaning people continue giving donations that embolden these squatter communities and exacerbate the problem, often unknowingly helping them to get titles to land that was designated as protected ecological reserve.

Please know, the majority of our local poor people are transplants from Acapulco and other places. Often they chose not to attend or finish school. They also chose to bring their children here from wherever knowing they were attempting to steal valuable land while also negatively affecting their own children's educations (and their futures).

I know many other hard-working people (many indigenous people) who have come here from tiny rural villages high in the sierra, who have played by the rules and improved their lot in life. They finished school, did not squat on land even though offers were made to them, worked hard, saved their money, and have made their own success. Some even built their parents a new home in the village where they came from. Many of these people started working in the artisan market or wandering the beaches and streets selling their wares. Not one of these successful transplants that I know was ever a squatter.

If one isn't willing to make sacrifices for their future, then I personally do not see why they should receive assistance for their own shortcomings. Donations to illegal communities only emboldens them and others to seek to steal more of our valuable lands.

So please, please, please do not add to our local problems by allowing yourself to be unwittingly used by "charities" to further the interests of squatters. The paradise you save may be your own!

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