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Escrito por Ed Kunze desde ( el día domingo, 26 de febrero, 2006 a las 07:47:02 horas :

En respuesta a: building and ecological permits escrito por Gordon and Pam desde ( el día sábado, 25 de febrero, 2006 a las 12:19:28 horas :

If you are on the beach, you will need a Environmental Impact Report (EIR). This takes about 4 months to obtain. The EIR is submitted after an architect has drawn up some preliminary plans showing the basic profiles of the side, and front views. The plans can be changed once the EIR is submitted, but you must stay within the guidelines of how many stories and the land usage.

If you are off the beach, you may still need an EIR, but it depends on where you are at. This can be answered by your local city hall building department.

The building permit itself is called a license. You will generally need 4 sets of plans for submittal, the EIR, and a copy of your paid current property tax bill. The architect will submit for the license, and there will be some fees to be paid. The time involved can be as little as one day (like in Union for the Troncones and Saladita areas), to as much as a couple of weeks (like in Zihuatanejo). More than likely your area will be only a one day situation.

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