Two Nights in Barra de Potosi

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Escrito por Scott desde ( el día lunes, 18 de abril, 2005 a las 01:44:49 horas :

It seems slow the last few days, so I'll post my own little trip report...

My room mate had been talking of going to Zihuatanejo, and on Wednesday night I asked if I could join him. He wanted to show his old man the beach. He is here visiting for dental work.

I proposed we rent a car instead of taking the bus. I was getting quotes from the Budget website as low as $75 USD total for three days. We went to the office in the morning and the cheapest the lady quoted us was 650 mxn per day for three days. And she wouldn't have a car for an hour or two. We politely turned down the offer and went to the Internet cafe a few doors down.

We went to the budget site, and it said there were no longer cars available. So we hit, and rented a Ford Focus, $1229 MXN total for three days. This was not the cheapest. We showed up at the office 30 minutes later, got the car, and returned it this morning without a hitch. The moral of the story is that renting a car in person is more than two times more expensive than renting it over the Internet!

The road from Morelia to the coast is now complete. It is very nice, with no detours of any kind. The tolls were 25 + 26 + 29 + 18 pesos. The last two toll booths are not open, which is great while it lasts. I suspect the total will be upwards of 300 pesos each way once they open.

We hit downtown Zihuatanejo in the afternoon. As soon as we hit the basketball court the "amigo" stuff started and we were approached by a guy wanting to help us. I don't like this at all, but I've been away for quite a while now and I'm sure we looked like the typical tourist gringos. We ate at one of the beach restaurants. The waiter overcharged us by charging more for a of couple things than what was listed on the menu, and then did the addition incorrectly, adding even more to the total. I don't like being treated like a tourist!

We hit the hotel in Barra de Potosi in the early evening. This place is looking good. I remember back when I first stayed there in 2001 what they are now calling a four person room cost about 300 pesos, and now it is 600. But it is worth it, and they even have some fancy towels, tvs, and other stuff. There were no other guests in the hotel the two nights we stayed there. It is a great place for people who don't need confirmed reservations and don't mind paying cash etc. I still love it.

Spent the day in Zihuatanejo, plugged my laptop in at Andys Internet Cafe for a few minutes, and admired the school girls with the short mini skirts and white stockings from Tamales Anny's. We walked the length of Playa El Palmar, and visited an ex girlfriend's mother and uncle in Playa Linda.

The next day we had breakfest, huevos a la mexicana, in Barra de Potosi, then went for a hike over to playa tortuga, the undeveloped beach on the backside of barra de potosi.

Later we went back to Tamales Anny's. We discussed the wierdness of going to a restaurant to eat tamales. I tried the quesadillas, expecting some queso oaxaca in a tia rosa tortilla. What I got was unlike anything I have ever seen before, but they were pretty good and very filling. I heard the pozole was decent, but that its better here in Michoacan!

That was about it, besides some personal stuff, we left in the early evening and drove home!

Here are some other random observations:

-People in Mexico don't refer to each other as amigo any more than people in Canada or the USA use the word friend when talking directly to the person. The use of the word "amigo" with tourists in Zihuatanejo reminds me a lot of the use of aloha in Hawaii.

-There is some real wierdness going on with the highway between Ixtapa and Troncones. I'm not sure what this is all about?

-The transitos were hard at work, as always. Saw them taking someone's license plates. I've never seen this phenomenon over here Morelia. The traffic cops are much more vigilant over there.

-It was a lot cooler than I expected. I was expecting killer heat like I experienced during September and October. Though this is now the hottest time of the year here in Morelia, I don't think that is the case in Zihuatanejo.

-There are all kinds of small roads, out in the countryside, that are not listed on the Guia Roji maps. Are there more detailed maps available?

I really want to take my bike next time, maybe do some exploring along the way.

Is the beach behind Barra de Potosi an official turtle sanctuary?

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