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Escrito por Susana Banana desde (?) el día lunes, 18 de abril, 2005 a las 10:21:16 horas :

En respuesta a: Casa Kau Kan escrito por Churchillhammer desde ( el día sábado, 16 de abril, 2005 a las 06:13:39 horas :

Spent the first wk of April at that little piece of heaven which felt like a spa. Tranquil locale, beautifully furnished bungalows (6 total) lush manicured grounds, incredible food and attentive service (Thanks to Antonio & Jeraldo) While there: met some great folks from Michigan and Chicago (bless their hearts putting up with 4 "havingtoomuchfun" ladies; saw the sea turtles eggs hatch; and, yes the daily dolphins were a big plus.

1st time to Zihua, I read numerous hotel discussions (but nada on Casa Kau Kan) so it was a gamble electing to stay on Playa Larga at a hotel not yet rated. Thumbs up!

Favorites of the trip: 1- Seeing so many dolphins! 2- Blue Mamou. Mango sauced up ribs & dancing. Jimmy inviting me & Loco Lucy on stage as backup singers for a little "whatchusay" Ray Charles number. 3- Isla Ixtapa day trip from Playa Linda. Greeted by Tony Baloney (Macaroni) & landed Vincente as our top notch waiter! Cooked us up some tasty red snapper, shrimp & mucho mohitos! 4- Deep sea fishing. Reeling in a mackeral & 2 tuna and stopping off at Las Gatas where Mickey cooked it up & served us under a palapa with buckets of cold cervesa.

Looking forward to my next trip to Zihua! Thanks for all of the great tips on the Board which came in handy at the airport and wandering Zihua for libations and food.

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