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Escrito por Debrah desde ( el día sábado, 04 de marzo, 2006 a las 11:22:42 horas :

Just a few thoughts to share for people who have even less experience than I do in the area....We flew Boston-Houston-Zih - Continental, good price and were in Zih by mid-afternoon in the pool, you got to like that! It was great as always heading into a Mexican community from the airport, the sights, smells and sounds of this great country. We were new to Zih but not to Mexico so it was nice to see a different place. We stayed at Casa Sun and Moon - it was just right for us - small and pretty darn quiet - the room was fine - because for some reason there were 3 beds, I managed to find one that I could sleep on! The balconies are nice there - lots of space, hammocks, tables and chairs and the little outside kitchen area was a great help because we love to shop at the market and bakeries to get breakfast/lunch stuff. We did not swim at Madera - the water just didn’t look so great when we were there although we did enjoy our first meal at M&Js on the beach - my first Tiritas...but not my last! (I’ve switched from Ceviche to Tiritas now - in the Zih area, they seem to use tomato sauce in a lot of ceviche, not fond of it) We went out Valentines night to Casa Viejo and had a great meal - nice atmosphere - except for the giant TV screen and two other t.v.s –? - kind of weird with the ambiance there to have so many screens staring down at you. We headed out to Barra after 3 days and spent another three nights staying at Casa Encanto - great place - magical environment and we loved the open air design of our bedroom - its well screened - no bugs but if feels like you are in a tree house - its very pretty and charming. The small staff is super and the breakfast is great - especially the day the Tamale lady comes to town - yum...yum. As many people have said, Laura the owner is an interesting, dynamic, beautiful woman - strong and kind - it was great to meet her and I send her thanks and good wishes from Canada, if she reads this! The beach restaurants were super - never a bad meal - but they did get pretty darn busy on weekends when it seems as though a few busloads of gringos were deposited and proceeded to be kind of loud and drunk....oh well, to each their own. The swimming was fun - rather exciting - lots of fish action - there were tiny fish exploding out of the water and pelicans diving - very cool. We had planned to go back to Zih for a week to stay at Villas Polynesia because its inexpensive and has a kitchen, however, when we arrived, we realized we just couldn’t hack it. We are fresh air fiends - and like nice open places to stay with lots of air and breezes and unfortunately, VP is not that kind of a place. It’s inexpensive and quiet, if you are back off the street but its very dark and since it doesn’t actually have a pool, it wasn’t a good match for us. Although the owner is a super guy, very helpful and friendly. I had a medical problem and he hooked me up with a dentist around the corner and I got things taken care of pronto. We liked the market in town and walking around the side streets - we’re not much
souvenir shoppers so didn’t partake in all that action. But we decided really quickly we had to get back out of town so we made contact with MiCasaSuCasa in Troncones where we were slated to go out last 3 days and made arrangements to get out there and stay for a whole week. Our last night in town we ate at La Gula and as mentioned before, this place is wonderful. It is so good to have food made by owner/chefs - they work very hard there to make fresh and unique food - we really appreciated their efforts - everything from start to finish was special!! We were really glad to get to Troncones and check into MiCasa - it’s a small hotel right on the beach with a bar/restaurant. We opted for the cheapest accomodations - a bungalow - they were just great - large bed, bathroom and a great porch where we hung out quite a bit. We ate there mostly because it was there - and quite tasty! We were happy to run across the road in the morning to Café Sol - for espresso and lattes and oh my gawd!! Are those not the bed darn brownies in the world?!?! Troncones is a great dusty beach side town - lots of little places strung out along several miles of coast - its not crowded and fairly laid back but - you gotta know - things are going to change! We were glad we went when we did - MiCasa itself is expanding this coming year so it will be twice its size by next year if plans go through. We liked the community - the people, the families, the dogs, cats, burros, iguanas chomping away in the palm trees and the surf.
It was really quiet when we were there - several times at 6:30 in a local restaurant we were the ONLY ones there?! You can have a good long walk on the beach. We looked around at a few other places - but they were not for us - too expensive or too precious - a little too designer...for us old hippies. MiCasa was full of mexican families as well as gringos so it was a good mix and lots of opportunity for stretching your spanish and relishing in the mexican family fun! We took a taxi out to Troncones that I think cost us about $40.00 and the same the way back. All in all, we would not really go back to Zih except maybe for an overnighter and to go to the market and a little shopping - we’re just not into cities anymore I geuss. But we found Barra and Trocones to be interesting quiet places. It was a trip full of learning from a variety of experiences and we thank everyone who contributes to this board to help us prepare and get the most out of our experience - it was sooo wonderful to spend 16 days surrounded by that rich culture, hard working people and appreciate those beautiful views and warm breezes....Gracias!

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