In defense of the Posada Real

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Escrito por SunnyTime desde ( el día sábado, 04 de marzo, 2006 a las 20:58:26 horas :

Awhile back, the Posada Real got a bit of a bad rap. We returned for the second time in 3 years in February for 2 weeks. It was as wonderful as the first time. LOTS of Mexican tourists stayed there, which was really refreshing.

The staff were all the same people as before, and they couldn't have been more friendly. Day 1 we had a light out above the sink, and we advised the front desk on our way to breakfast. When we returned mid-afternoon, it had already been fixed. Our room appeared to be freshly painted, and we noticed maintenance staff with paint cans around all the time.

The hotel is small (about 110 rooms), the rooms are small, but very clean. No, the food is not that exciting, but you don't have to eat there, do you? Breakfast was as good as anywhere, and the drinks were well prepared, with good quality liquor.

The chaise lounges at the infinity pool filled up fast, but you could still get a lounger at the other pool (yes, they have two), anytime! The grounds were uncrowded, and there was no sense of panic (I NEED A POOL LOUNGER!!!) ever.

Our maid was great, and nothing went missing from our room.

It's a lovely non-AI choice in Ixtapa, and Zih is only a rocket ride away! My only complaints - uncomfortable beach chairs, and no toasters - and if that's your only worry, you've got it made!

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