Trip Report - first time in Zihua

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Airport - went right outside & got a taxi to hotel - I think it was around $24 to Villa Carolina on La Ropa beach

Villa Carolina - the hotel has only about 6 rooms so it is very intimate & like staying in a private home. The staff was right there whenever we needed anything and our room was gorgeous with a private outdoor pool/jacuzzi & hammock with a small ocean view. We had a two minute walk to Elviras on La Ropa & Villa del Sol, where we had several breakfasts & lunches. I think this hotel offers the biggest and nicest room for the price, so long as you don't mind being one block off the sand.

Our favorite beach was Las Gatas, La Ropa was pretty & nice for hanging out for a day, but I prefered to spend the day at Las Gatas for swimming & more choices for restaurants. We liked Otilas (Franco) and Brisas del Mar (Mario- so friendly!).

We took the 1/2 day snorkeling tour on the Picante, this was fun & I'd highly recommend it if you are looking to do something other than going to the beach.

Petatlan - we took the bus one morning (about 40 minutes) - not too much to see, mostly gold & some religious items for sale. The bus ride was more fun than the town (a very authentic Mexican experience for us).

Restaurants -

Tamales & Atoles - Excellent Mexican food, try their spiced coffee or hot chocolate with breakfast. They also have sweet tamales with fruit which I loved

Casa Vieja - near Playa Madera - more great Mexican food & they have a singer at night who plays guitar & has an amazing voice. The whole place broke into song and a rockette kicking line when we were there. A fun and memorable dinner. (they also gave us free small shots of some kind of coffee liquer that was delicious)

Villa de la Selva - In Ixtapa - the best sunset we saw all week, also the best service. Food was good, but I'd go back just for the atmosphere.

Amuleto - I really had this place built up in my mind, so expectations were high. The food was the best of the high end restaurants we tried & the view was spectacular, but the service was cold and unfriendly & the place only had 2 or 3 tables filled for dinner the whole evening (we were the only ones there for the first hour). Also VERY expensive ($30 entrees) & small portions.

Casa Bahia - another high endish place near the main pier downtown, our steaks were cooked wrong, service was really slow & the atmosphere was just alright. I'd pass if we went back & try La Cala next time.

Il Mare - I'm from the NYC area so we are used to excellent Italian food - the pastas were just ok for us although I know others rave about it. It's also a pretty view & has a refreshing breeze off the water at lunchtime.

Villa del Sol - great breakfasts with a beautiful beach setting. We had the best pork tacos for lunch & I'm sorry we didn't get there for dinner since the other food was so good.

Best frozen margarita - the patio at the Catalina hotel at sunset.

Best dessert - coconut gelato at the stand near the basketball court. I should have tried more flavors...

I loved this trip, if I went back I'd stick to more Mexican influenced restaurants. I was surprised that many of the places we went didn't even have one Mexican dish on the menu. I might consider staying on Madera & walking over to go to las Gatas everyday for the beach. I'd probably go on the Picante again since it was such a pleasurable day & they worked hard to be sure everyone had a good time.

We both got deep tans even using SPF15 & staying in the shade - this is the strongest sun I've ever experienced & I had to buy a hat to protect my face & head. The weather was perfect everyday!

Thanks to all on this board who supply so much useful info - any questions for me, just ask!

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