Trip Report - Weeks 2 and 3 of 6 Jan 21 to Feb 3

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Escrito por Gary From Alberta desde ( el día miércoles, 08 de marzo, 2006 a las 16:36:05 horas :

Weeks 2 and 3 of 6 - Zihuatanejo

Moved to Bungalows Ley in Zihuatantejo for the next 5 weeks Jan 21 to Feb 25 and was immediately welcomed with a cervesa by my next door neighbor who has been coming to Zihua for 25 years – we became instant friends when he found out I was an ex telephone man like he was – his wife was not impressed as the people who just moved out were also telephone people and she immediately told both of us not to discuss telephones. Bungalows Ley is a wonderful place to stay with very nice people looking after you.

Just took it easy nothing planned relaxing and walking playa La Madera and Laropa and over to Las Gatos once in awhile. Explored new and old places in Zihua. Enjoyed various restaurants on La Madera, Play Laropa and Zihua – never a bad meal – found the red snapper at La Sirena Gorda, Rufo’s for ribs to be excellent, for a break when you did not feel like going out Country Fried Chicken was very good. For the best cole slaw in Zihua I would suggest Pollo Locos. One complaint I have is that whatever restaurant you were at they did not give you very many vegetables – wonder why they are quite cheap in Mexico. I heard that all the staff from La Gula left – wonder why. Also noticed that it seemed like there were not as many tourists this year. Met some friends from Chicago (Hi Bob & Dave) and took them over to Playa Laropa for the day at Rosy’s they really enjoyed the meal they had for the price. A great afternoon was spent watching the children associated with sailfest at Play La Madera who where there for the day.

Found a new cervesa if I remember correctly it is named Premium Lager in a black and gold can around 4.5 pesos per can at Commercial Mexicana.

Sunday nights at the Zocalo were quite entertaining and also the Friday night dance compatitions at the stage were very enjoyable to watch not only the people dancing but also the local people who were there.

One night a large turtle came up on Play La Madera laid its eggs and left as the police and the marines showed up – they took the eggs I believe to be incubated and later released. At Bungalows Ley they had a pail full of eggs and were going to release them back into the ocean after they hatch.

One night the police were chasing someone on Playa La Madera and someone told me that they found a handgun.

One disappointing aspect was the sewer smell from the canal and once in awhile even downtown – just seemed like it was worse this year.

In talking with restaurant owners, cab drivers and shop owners they felt tourism was down from last year.

Met some old friends from last year as well as many new ones from Canada, the US and Mexico. It is nice to walk into a restaurant and the owner and waiters remember you from last year.

I live to come to Mexico and all in all it was very relaxing and enjoyable – never a bad day. Did not have any prearrange plans and was there to just enjoy. There is a saying in Mexico that may your worst day there be better then your best day at home.

Next up week 4 of 6 – trip to Acapulco.

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