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Escrito por Laura desde ( el día lunes, 18 de abril, 2005 a las 18:15:24 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: Careful with your donations escrito por DickN desde ( el día sábado, 16 de abril, 2005 a las 11:07:36 horas :

Hi Dick,
There was one such politically supported squatters community along the beach at the area called Los Farallones... up the beach from us. We have not had this problem really, though there is an exception in one case and involving all locals- mostly sons and daughters of fishermen who had no place to live since real estate speculation has caused the price of land here to have skyrocketed way beyond the reach of local fishermen. A squatters plan was implemented by the comisario in place at the time for ten families on the end of our three streets making a street where there was none previously - in fact filling the edge of the lagoon in order to make the space, not a great thing ecologically. We are talking about ten tiny lots 10x6 meters.

This is a bandaid for a growing problem of increasing population and real estate speculation (gentrification). In our civil association we are trying to formulate a better solution for our upcoming generations and to avoid the effects on our local culture of a quick gentrification.

This would involve getting serious funding to purchase a parcel alongside the village and develop a kind of habitat for humanity self-financed internal housing plan for locals (at rates within their true economy)... anybody want to help? Please contact me.
Hasta pronto,

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