Re: Week at MELIA IXTAPA- any questions?

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Escrito por Amy MVR desde ( el día miércoles, 08 de marzo, 2006 a las 20:39:35 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: Week at MELIA IXTAPA- any questions? escrito por davis in texas desde ( el día miércoles, 08 de marzo, 2006 a las 10:42:40 horas :

Overall we were very happy. Beautiful, clean property, great pool, plenty of chairs! we had overheard someone from another resort complaining about having to get up at 5am to get a chair, but we never worried - may have been 2nd row or at worst under the shade canopy, but we always got a chair. didn't really matter where the chair was, we were at the pool bar most of the time. food got a little monotonous by the end of the week, but eating out at the restaurant of your choice gets monotonous by the end of the week! the omelets, chilaques, guacamole, palm heart and jicama salad, and vanilla ice cream were my favorites.
we didn't get the nonsmoking adjoining rooms we requested (with another couple) but we got rooms next door the second night, and smoking room was no big deal since there is no carpet in the rooms to hold a smoky smell. EXCELLENT air conditioning.
Be sure to sign up to kayak to the island and snorkel (see previous posted reply for more on that and also about restaurants)
By all means, take the bus (for 80 cents!) into Ixtapa and zihua. all you have to do to get back is wait for a bus that says Playa Linda - it will be painted on the bus.
-more 30 sunblock (we michiganders are WHITE) 15 is good at the end of the week, but don't even bother with lower unless you have naturally dark skin - we saw lots of fried miserable people.
-a scarf/headband to protect the front of my scalp from sunburn and/or more than one hat (you tend to wet them in the pool to stay cool)
-a pareo to wear over my bikini at the restaurant for lunch (didn't want to go to the room to dress, and you have to cover your belly unless you go to the snack bar)
-less long sleeved shirts (the michigan thing again - we don't trust weather reports, but you don't need long sleeves except in airconditioned restaurants, and there ain't many)
OK, I've rambled enough. If you want more specifics, please ask. Have fun, don't burn, and remember there is no food after 11pm at the resort, so if you get the drinkin munchies, you'd better have a stash of goodies in your room! :)

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