Trip Report Jan 3rd-March 3rd

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We just returned from our second trip to Zihua. Last year we stayed 1 month mid Jan to mid Feb. We deceided 2 months this year was a good choice since Zihua is indeed a special place to take a break from life and winter. Observations: there appeared to be less people visiting this year compared to last. Many restaurant waiters, shop owners and other returning visitors said the same thing. Cruise ships: there were less also. Norweign Star never did show up as printed on schedule and Carnival missed at least one sailing. Never had more than one in bay at a time. They Appeared ever 7 to 10 days.
We stayed in a condo in Playa Madera with water view of course. We enjoy Playa Madera; being closer to town allowed us more options where to go on our daily walks. We did get into alot of the outlying aresas of downtown but never really got lost.
Things we enjoyed : Beach Time: 2 times a week going over to Las Gatos to Otilia's and being waited on by Franko and Ivan . Franko is just as much a jokester as always. We also spend at least one or two days a week at MJ Richie's and enjoyed visiting with Rapheal and Martian. Both these places have good food and attentive staff. We did swim only in the water at Las Gatos.
We did fish several times catching alot of sail fish (which we released all) on the Tequila and the Agua Azul arranged by Ed Kunze. Also arranged for a boat trip to Manzanilla to snorkel while alot of our family was visiting us the first part of Jan. We caught a Dorado on the way back and took to Otilia's on Las Gatos to have it cooked up for us in the afternoon. Everyone enjoyed this trip. We arranged this thru Franko. Note the Picante and the Dancer also go to this area to snorkel arriving around 1100 am. We stayed there snorkeling for several hours after they left. It seemed the vast numbers of fish that were there exploded into many hundreds more swimming around us after the 2 tour boats left.
We did take the bus/pick-up trip to Barra de Potosi, thanks to all who have posted in the past on where to catch the bus etc (Buenito Juaraz street across from BankNorte is a restaurant ( I believe LaJaiba Feliz) turn right down that side street a block or so is the bus station . It's a nice trip and the beach over there was almost void of people. Waves were pretty high the day we were there . Costs 22 peso's each way on bus and 10 each way on P/u's. We were told last white bus leaves the main road in Los Archos area for return to Zihua at 5 pm .
My Daughter and I did ride horses on Playa Largo with Naco from Bad Bird cafe and had a blast. Naco is a weath of local knowledge. . He enjoys helping us when we used our limited spanish; however he does speak english also.
We did cook some meals in our condo and in fact brought a George Forman grill along with us so we went to Commerical Mexicana for food and suppliies. We did go the Mercado for our fruits and vegies also. Also enjoyed picking up morning goodies to have with coffee from several bakies as we walked around town in the mornings. Best ones we found were the one just up from Coconuts and the other was just townside a blk or so from Koyoto Circle and VW place on La Boquita.
Books: we read alot so book exchanges at Marnia Cafe, Ricks Bar and MJ's were very useful.
Restaurants: We enjoyed Casa Arcadia ( Killer Margaritia's during happy hour) and Marnia cafe along beach front. Also found excellent iced coffees at place next to Marnia cafe. Of course alot of other people's favorites were ours too: Rufo's , La Gula, La Casa Cafe and Casa Vieja all on Madera area. Note:We really enjoyed Thursday Pozole at Casa Vieja; served from 130pm to 5 pm only on Thur. cost 45 peso's per person. We also found Don Memo's (next door to Angela's hostel) small place with excellent Italian dishes, lg plate pasta with sauce 40 pesos add chicken breast 50 peso's. Mi Chayito has very good and inexpensive Chinese food and large portions. ( just down from Banamex and Tamales Any) Tamales Any also had very good food as did Garrobo's. Found several others we have to try next year.
ATMs : we used BanaMex across from Tamales. We used a debit card from our credit union and got very good exchange rates. Final rates varied from 10.3 to 10.6 (included all bank chgs also). We did use the debit card as a visa CC at Commerical Mexicana and were charged an extra 1 % which seemed reasonable.
Telephone: since we have several aging parents who needed to stay in touch; we used Cingular Cell phone which worked great . Added MX coverage at 4.99 per month however Telemex roam chgs made this a expensive option . about $ 2 US per Min. However we also had a Intl calling card from Costco and it cost 39 cents per minute using Telemex payphones. So rec'd call on Cell and called back on payphone worked best for us.
Internet: there is a new place on Madera next door to Beauty shop and Casa Vieja called Chikero; Chgs 10 pesos per 1/2 hr or 15 pesos per hr. with new computers. Very convienent to anyone staying on Playa Madera.
Laundry: also a new place just across the canal from circle and turn off to Madera, 14 pesos for 1 kg of clothes same day service. They were excellent.
We did notice some places on Playa Madera raised their nightly lodging fees 5 to 10 US this year and appear posed to do same next year which we found out looking for a place for next Feb. . Also we did find alot of the beachfront restaurants along the water by basketball court raised their menu prices this year. Some so much so we rarely ate in this area.
All in all a relaxing 2 months for us in Zihuatanejo better then being home in the cold, snow and blowing volcano's.

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