Ceviche and Tiritas

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Hi DL,

Ceviche and tiritas are two variations of seafood dishes wherein the fish is 'cooked' with lime juice. (Sometimes confused with keeping the fish raw as in sashimi. In Cevishe and tiritas, the fish is not raw.

Ceviche is prepared is a few different ways. My favorite and the local traditional way in this region (before the advent of so much catsup and orange soda)is to chop thef ish (washed only in sea water) with onion, chiles and tomatoes and drench that mixture in a bowl with lots of fresh lime juice - and a little squeeze of a fresh orange too. (You can leave the adding of the tomatoes until the last minute before serving... not a bad idea.) Leave it for a few hours - that's when the 'cooking' takes place. I like it with cilantro and chopped avocado even olives... ummm!

Unfortunately it may be hard to find a restaurant that will prepare it that way these days. Many are adding catsup... moving toward the shrimp cocktail American style? and orange soda instead of the juice from a fresh orange. Some restaurants are (HORROR!) actually cooking the fish by boiling it first! Maybe to ausage fears about the rumoured 'rawness' of the fish 'cooked' in lime juice. What a waste.

Tiritas are similar to ceviche except that the fish is cut in strips instead of cubed. Tomatoes, cilantro and orange juice are not added... just fish, chiles and onions... red onions, julienned not chopped. You'll have a better chance of getting great tiritas rather than ceviche in local restaurants these days (just my opinion).

They are both great dishes! Try it with chips.

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