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Escrito por debrah desde ( el día sábado, 11 de marzo, 2006 a las 15:44:43 horas :

En respuesta a: Casa Sun and Moon escrito por Judy in PDX desde ( el día sábado, 11 de marzo, 2006 a las 14:25:45 horas :

We were there a few weeks ago for only 3 days but here goes....
great locat1on - easy to walk anywhere. Lots of steps down to the beach - easy stroll over to M&J Ritches for breakfast and lunch and then keep on going over the beach walk way to town if you want. We stayed on 3rd floor and liked the climb up those
stairs once we got our luggage there...Staff was friendly, pool was not crowded. Walk out door and you are 5-10 minutes away
from lots of restaurants, including the very popular Casa Cafe (is that is name) - gets crowded early. But you could keep walking another 10 minutes and be at the market (after you go over the canal bridge) and there are lots of really great places to eat there including the best homemade corn tortillas I ever had. Also you are close to Cafe Veijo, another grill you walk right by, there is an internet cafe just before Casa Vieja and La Gula is on the way to the canal. Another fav that people should fill you in on is a little outside place across from Gula (I think) that serves very cheap but good food and drinks. There are lots of taxis around the Casa because of its close proximity to 4-5 other hotels. I think Hotel Irma is it that has a restaurant and its around the corner. We liked Casa Sun & Moon because the balcony area while shared is huge - hammocks, chairs, couches and outside kitchen areas. We prepared breakfasts and lunches. We would run out in the a.m. to the market and buy stuff and come back and enjoy. Also there is a little stand on the way to casa cafe that sells fresh squeezed juice, along with breakfast also just along the sidewalk. You are also 2 blocks from Blue Mamou club if you are into music and ribs, I think. We found it pretty darn quiet - of course the beds are hard but I found one that was o.k. Enjoy....but alot of others may kick in because they have much more experience...our was just recent. (by the way they do not have a little store on sight) There are several tiendas not far however and they will tell you where....

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