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Escrito por Lisa desde ( el día martes, 19 de abril, 2005 a las 00:41:44 horas :

Ok, well I'm back and I must say this websit proved to be very useful during parts of our trip. Thank you sooo much ZihuRob. Your site can really be the difference between a good trip or a great trip.
What did I think of my visit? Well, to be very honest, I just don't get it? Visitors to this website seem so passionate about Zihu/Ixtapa. I will say this, we had a much nicer experience in Zihu than we did in Acapulco. But, would I return? No, I don't think so, but thats OK. I think vacation spots should be visited by the people who love them the most don't you? I love the Hawaiian Islands so I'll go there next time, but I did so much appreciate all the info this site has to offer and would like to take a moment before signing off to say one think more about our driver Saul.
I found Sauls number on this website. A guest had highly recommended Saul so I called him. We needed to travel from Zihu to Acalcapo then back again. Saul was absoutely the very best part of our trip! I mean this with all my heart and Saul I hope your reading this! If anyone ever needs a driver to go around the area or further, please give this wonderful man a call. I promise you won't be sorry. And Saul, if you are reading this, thank you so much for all you did for us. I made a necklace out of the blessed card your gave me and will wear it often. If you ever need anything at all or a place to stay in California, please please call us. I will continue to look for a suburban for sale at a good price for you OK. You were so very nice to my elderly Mom and my Aunt. I appreciated your kindness and wish you and your family the very best!
To Rob, thanks for the website. I promise to leave Zihu/Ixtapa to those of you who love it because thats the way it should be! Bye

PS The Pacifico Hotel was a nice place to stay. Its true what they say about the lounge chairs around pool area so get there early if you want a spot! The Villa Mexicana was pretty good but it depends on what you like in a hotel. Norma and Deborahs was a great place to eat. THere was a pizza place close to Norma's that was also great when opened, but I don't remember the name.
This is a very important tip for those traveling to Acalcapo. DON'T STAY AT THE MAYAM PALACE!! EVER!! I've never experienced anything like the Mayan and hope I never will again!

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