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Escrito por Lisa desde ( el día martes, 19 de abril, 2005 a las 06:05:12 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: First Time Zihu/Ixtapa escrito por Bret in Portland desde ( el día martes, 19 de abril, 2005 a las 01:55:04 horas :

Hi Brent, My Mom lives near you in Tigard! What a beautiful area.
You know there were many things we didn't necessarly like about Mexico, but it could be that I'm just a little spoiled who knows.
We flew into Zihu/Ixtapa airport instead of Acalcapo. (A family member who booked the flight though we could all save money this way on airfare.) We were to fly into Zihu, spend one night, then go on to Acalcapo for a 7 day stay at the Mayan Palace. We hired Saul to drive us to Acalcapo in a suburban & paid him $380 US dollars both ways. That was fine, but the drive is from hell! It took us well over 4hrs and the speed bumps never end! There is a new freeway part of the way, but drive was not what we expected, however, we managed and Saul was great. Then we arrived at Mayan Palace. I won't go into Mayan Palace unless asked because that part of our trip was a nightmare caused by the Mayan Palace. There were no other outside experiences that factored in because we never left the Mayan grounds. On the 7th day Saul came to pick us up and we headed back to Zihu/Ixtapa where we stayed for 4 days before flying home.
Because of what I read & pictures I saw on website, I was looking forward to the next 4 days. When we flew into Zihu at the begining of our trip, we only stayed one night & left early for Acalcapo. We didn't see much other than the VIlla Mexicana hotel which wasn't all that great, but nice.
We arrived at Pacifico hotel In Ixtapa. Some of our party stayed next door at the RIveria.
We walked the beach, layed out by the pool, drank, etc. for the next four days and it was nice enough I guess, but this is what bothered us and why we just don't feel like we would ever want to go back. (This may very well be the spoiled part!)
First of all, on vacation I don't want to be bothered unless I want to be bothered. Although Ixtapa isn't really bad like other parts of Mexico we've visited, still every where we went it was "hey senior would you like to buy this or that" etc. I personally don't like to be "sold" to when I walk down the street. If I did stop, I felt so pressured to buy that I couldn't take the time to really look at what they had available. This is probably my biggest dislike about Mexico. I understand why they do it, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.
The second reason is I don't like to barter on prices. My husband didn't mind as much. My thought on that is he usually is the one who buys our vehicles from dealership. I remember being with him when he bought his last car. He and the dealer squared off and begin the negoiations! Back and fourth, what one would pay, what one would throw in! At the end of the day we did have a new car, but honestly, I thought it was just plain stupid! We got floor mats but lost the third wheel cover! Who cares! I don't know, its a guy thing I guess, but personally I don't like to be given a price that keeps getting lower the further away I walk.
We were taken advantage (rather I was) by the pharmacy across from the Pacifico also. I went there to purchase Nicorette gum for my husband which normally cost around $64 in the states for lg refill. I mentioned to lady that I only had $50 so I needed the small refill ($29) instead. That was stupid! Guess what the price was? Yep, $50 and to my surprise, this sm refill pk had 1/2 the amt of gum that a sm pk has here . Two days later that same pk cost my husband $10. I really hate that"! I live in a largely hispanic area and own a business. I could easily do the same thing to customers, but I don't. If my customers don't speak english or understand our currency, should I charge them whatever they have in there wallet?
And last, the beaches were ok, it was pretty, the hotel was 3 maybe 4 stars, but for me I'd much rather fly to Hawaii. My brother (who booked this trip) is always saying how cheap it is in Mexico. It is not! In the tourist areas of Mexico, the prices were the same or higher than Maui, but not cheaper.
So thats why I didn't really like Zihu/Ixtapa. Yea, it is nicer that other parts of Mexico, but its still Mexico. If it cost me the same (or more) for a vacation in Mexico as it would for a vacation in Maui, then hands down I'm going to Maui. The shops are nice, no one tries to drag you off the street and sell you some over priced crap, we speak the same language, the golf courses are better (and cheaper), and the price is the price. Oh, and another thing, my cell ph gets much better reception in Hawaii.
My husband and I like to travel. Sometimes we take long trips, but quite often we like to get away for 7 days to somewhere not to far just to relax & play in the water. I'm not trying to start a riot here, but its far more relaxing to me at the Shearton in Maui than it was at the Pacifico in Ixtapa, and the water isn't bottled!!
Thanks Brent, and by the way, you didn't mention if you have been to Ixtapa and what you thought of it? Sorry for the long message but I felt the need to explain. There are those who just get down right nasty on this website if you say anthing negative against Mexico! But hey, it wasn't all negative, checking in and out of the Airport was a cake walk compared to SFO!

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