Trip Report Week 4 or 6 Acapulco Feb 4 to 10

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Escrito por Gary From Alberta desde ( el día martes, 14 de marzo, 2006 a las 15:26:53 horas :

Week 4 Trip to Acapulco Feb 4 to Feb 10

Took the Estrella De Oro to Acapulco at 1:30 in the afternoon on a Saturday 240 pesos return Primera service. I have been to Acapulco many times since 1986. When you go to the bus station and If you happen to get a lady serving you for your tickets she speaks perfect English, even took a cab driver with me just in case it was Spanish only and never had a problem. Approximately 4 hours to Acapulco on good roads. Sat in row 2 seat 8 an older Mexican lady sat in front of me and continuously provided commentary on what was seen like a private tour guide. Mostly coco, papaya and cattle on the way to Acapulco - I have never seen so many coco trees in my life. Some great views of the open ocean. Much like driving through Alberta and BC in Canada.

The bus stopped for 5 minutes at 3 or 4 smaller towns/cities like Tecpan some people got off and others got on. A Mexican lady would also get on and sell tortas. Some of these towns looked very clean and interesting I think they would make a great place to explore for 2 or 3 days. If you want seclusion some of these smaller towns on the beach would be very enjoyable.

Acapulco is much the way I remember it a very diverse and dynamic place, but it just seemed to busy for me, too many people and traffic everywhere. It is like culture shock when you get off the bus and all of a sudden there are so many people and traffic that is out of this world. I think there are 2 or 3 million people there now. The new Acapulco out by the airport (Diamante) is booming with construction but seems so far from everything. If you want to party Acapulco is still the place to be you can go all day if you choose to.

Seen quite a few friends and had a good visit. However I have come to the conclusion Acapulco is not for me anymore. Too many people, very busy, traffic and the pollution in the bay and from the exhaust is not very nice to be around. But if you have not been it is a still worth seeing and forming your own opinion, but if you go at least spend a few days to get to know it a day or so does not do it justice.

The trip back left at 11:50 am in the morning on a Thursday and took 4.5 hours just more traffic on the way back and also the buss stopped longer at a couple of places.

Next up weeks 5 and 6 Zihuatanejo Feb 10 to Feb 25

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