Zihua fishing

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Escrito por Steve L. desde (198.minneapolis-09rh15-16rt.mn.dial-access.att.net) el día martes, 19 de abril, 2005 a las 11:24:07 horas :

Fished 3 days last week in Zihua with the Team Vargas crew. Caught 2 Sails and 2 Yellowfin tuna on 4/10/05. Second outing produced 1 Sail and a knock down on 4/12/05. Third day out (4/14/05) produced a 240 lb Blue Marlin. Had another Blue strike and instantly break the line. (Line broke on the strike and the fish kept the lure...last seen jumping on the horizon...heading south!) First strike came at 23 miles and caught fish came at 43 miles out. No tuna at 43 miles, but lots of bait fish in the area. Blue water was around 10-12 miles out. Found the Yellowfin around 7 miles out on the first trip. Never found them again! Water was quite cool.

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