last night's board party

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Escrito por Linda from Canada desde ( el día miércoles, 22 de marzo, 2006 a las 18:24:30 horas :

In the pic with the folks standing up, the guy in the blue shirt is my hubby Paul. The ones he is talking to are from San Fran- names are gone! In the other pic, names are equally gone, but the one with the stupid closed eyes grin is yours truly, to my left with her back facing the camera is Julia, to her left- name escapes me but she sure was a lot of fun. Then Stew, Rico & the famous Lady M (don't know if she wants her "familiar" name posted, so I won't; beside her is the fun lady's hubby- he was ok too! Then the "young" couple- no names today, but she is a fellow teacher. I'm so sorry about names- if anyone wants to ID themselves to me, I would be glad to post. Hope this satisfies some curiosities.

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