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Escrito por jcj desde ( el día lunes, 27 de marzo, 2006 a las 10:48:27 horas :

Fantastic trip!!! This was our 3rd time to the area but our first time staying in Zihuatanejo. We LOVED it and it was our best vacation ever! Hotel Irma was amazing. We started in room 105, which had a large patio but only 2 full beds…so after 2 nights we transferred to room 28 (one of the newer rooms w/ central air, king bed, and a ideal view). Loved it!! What a bargain this hotel is! Clean as can be, great service, and a great poolside happy hour from 5-7. I could sit and enjoy the view for hours!

Ate out at 18 different places and I can honestly say that every single meal was outstanding!! I won’t go into a lot of detail since this board already has great food information.

We also enjoyed 6 beaches in 7 days. Highlights:

Enjoyed MJ & Ritchies on Madera the first day.

Spend the 2nd day at LaRopa at Rossy’s. Thanks Eppe!

Day 3 we went to Las Gatos (Thanks Louis!), snorkeled, ate and enjoyed the beverages

Day 4 we spent in Troncones at the Casa. So peaceful and gorgeous! Our driver, Ruben (Taxi 141 – recommended by Jaime at the Irma) was the best! Such a classy guy and very informative. Great English so we asked him about a million questions about the area, culture, etc… Next year we will spend 3 days in Troncones and 4 at Hotel Irma.

Day 5 we went to Island Ixtapa. More snorkeling, cervesas, and great food!

Day 6 we met some friends in Ixtapa. Hung out at the Krystal pool/beach with them. Nice to be back, but too American for us now. Enjoyed walking the beach there. After dinner in “Z” ( we insisted our Ixtapa staying friends experience it!), we went and listened to Juce Garcia at the Blue Mamou. What a VOICE!! I could have listened to her forever!

Day 7 Enjoyed the day at the Irma pool, trying to etch the picture of the bay into my memory forever.

Only negative note was that my husband’s luggage got lost and did not arrive until day 3. Luckily I had packed all the toiletries in my bag as well as his swimsuit. NOTE TO BIG GUYS…It’s impossible to buy clothes for large men in Mexico (LOL!) My husband is a former football player (6’6’ and 250 pounds). He couldn’t find a t-shirt (2-3XL) anywhere in “Z”…not even Commercial Mexicana. But he was a tropper and he never let it put a damper on his spirits. Hey, after all, we were in paradise!!!!

Thanks to all of you who helped with your great advice, info, ideas, and suggestions. I didn’t go into a ton of detail here, so just let me know if you have any questions.

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