trip report 3/18-3/25/06

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Escrito por Ivy desde (trip.wccards.K12.MO.US) el día lunes, 27 de marzo, 2006 a las 15:19:28 horas :

Just a few notables. Lots of what I did was in response to this board, so I'll try not to repeat what's already been on here.
It was wonderful!!
Loved LaRopa and Catalina! Fell asleep in our hammock when we arrived at about 9 pm Sat. night. Loved it so much, had to get one to bring home. :)
On Sunday I fell in love with Samuel's margaritas and siestas under the palapa. Lots of love isn't there?!
The whole week was laid back and pretty much unscheduled lazing around one beach or another, so I won't break it down.
Of note though--
Get to Tamales Any early on Sunday if you want any tamales.
March is not a good month for fishing.
For free cervezas- go jewerly shopping.
Picante was a bit crowded, but very fun. Jaime was very helpful snorkeling.
The airport doesn't open until 7am- don't bother getting there at 6 am even if it is the recommended three hours before your flight out.

I miss it much!!

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