Trip Report March 20-27

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Escrito por Craig in Lindenhurst desde ( el día viernes, 31 de marzo, 2006 a las 05:50:59 horas :

Just enjoyed a beutiful week in Ixtapa with my family and here are my thoughts upon return. We rented a condo at the Tesoro for the week and the condo size very ample for 4 adults and 2 small children. Condo also decorated very nicely.Tesoro is a well kept attractive hotel but does not seem very lively. But that was ok for us being with the kids it was more a vacation for them and they were mainly interested in either swimming in the pool or playing in the sand. Upon clearing customs it only took about 30seconds for the 1st rip off artist to approach our group. He asked if we needed a taxi of course and I said yes probably a suburban with our size group so he immediately brings you over to the window to pay and they wanted almost $60 to go to Tesoro. Told him no thanks I will try to do it on my own outside then the sales pitch comes of a "free" ride if we come over to I believe the Barcelo for a visit, told him no thanks again,so he then talked to one of his amigos outside and he took us there for $40(don't let them sucker you up to the window). I use to vacation quite frequently to Ixtapa before being married and this was my first return in about 6 years and I was surprised by how the price of dining out has gone up there. here is my take on various restaurants. "BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT" Golden Cookie-used to go to this place every day,never again,, salad for mom,cheerios and ham/cheese omelette for kids and specialty sub for me and a couple cold drinks "$40" are you kidding me,get a grip Helmut,specialty sub not as big nor tasty and a $5 increase,,no thanks A couple breakfasts at Chili Beans were good and service decent. Soleiado is across from the Tesoro and we all liked there breakfasts but the service was pretty bad,actually had to get up and seek out the menus because nobody brought anything over. Casa Morelos, was our favorite for breakfast located near Senor Frogs,, excellent chilaquiles with a great tasting side of beans, and came with juice and nice plate of friut only $7 also excellent and friendly service!! If you need your burger fix Ruebens still the same good burger but could not believe the size of the new place. Dinner twice at El Infierno was quite good,,loved the shrimp infierno prepared table side in excellent sauce-perfect guacamole here and also suggest the queso fundido for starters-take a big pass on the flan for the finish,I am used to the custard like flan that they set aflame but not here(seems like a rubbery mound of carmel with some gooey carmel on top).Should be noted that service on both nights to El Infierno was very friendly and they are quite attentive. Casa Elvira is another place in Zihua that we used to like to visit,but fell out of favor with me,now seems overpriced and service was poor.The filet there used to come wrapped in bacon and they provided a tasty black pepper gravy to go with it but no more.Had to ask waiter for my drink 3 times and filet was ordered med/well and came out really red. Also tried Los Braseros and service and food were both good,,asked around who had best tacos Al Pastor and they suggested Los Braseros and they were decent but have had much tastier in Mexico City area where wife is from. Also stopped for dinner at Rossy's,,all of us enjoyed the dinners we had and service was quite good.My 3yr old fell asleep in cab on way there and my 5yr old after dinner and waiter was thoughtful enough and kind to assist in helping us put the kids in the hammocks on 2nd level.Boy did those come in handy!! The good here,try the snapper and the calamar/octopus!! the bad -take a pass on the tortilla soup for a starter,just a broth with some mushy tortillas??Awful. Also I want to say at this restaurant and a few others the compliment of rice they give with the dinners is terrible. Here the pasty rice was bad and looked like it came out of an ice cream scoop and others were tasteless as well. Not sure if is was because we were on 2nd level or I am just not used to the breeze in the bay area in Zihua but it was quite windy up there and my daughter and others were a little cool so you might want something a touch heavier to wear if you go. Also visited Ixtapa Island for the 1st time and all enjoyed. Average snorkel and nice area for the kids due to calmer water and it is quite clear so they get a chance to see some of the fish swimming around their legs which always entertains them. Kids also enjoyed a horse and buggy ride offered in the main street fronting Senor Frogs. In Ixtapa the 2 main night time draws are still the usual Carlos n Charlies or Senor Frogs and both dont get really going til about 1030pm or so. All in all a nice time getting back to Ixtapa where you are guaranteed beautiful sunshine and blue skies and a relaxing atmosphere!!!!!! happy traveling

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