a contrarians trip report

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Escrito por mexicobob desde (adsl-69-220-233-162.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net) el día viernes, 31 de marzo, 2006 a las 19:00:21 horas :

yes zihuatanejo has changed since 1997 but no we're not talking puerta vallarta or acapulco. the locals seemed divided on the amount of development but in spite of the changes in scenery this place remains quite with fine beaches. in terms of the food: while i'm no food critic i found only the offering at tamales any to be worth mentioning here. much of what we ate seemed indistinguishable from the place accross the street. we were happy again about what 600 pesos a night buys on madera(the better than before irma) we found and toured a bungallow for next time. if your looking for an umbrella and a few chairs on laropa forget the restaurants and head to the "safe beach" just north of the rossy where 40 pesos gives you ownership for the day. we did travel through ixtapa but didnt see anything worth stopping for ( had fun snorkeling at the island) improved our spanish voc. mostly with the assistance of cabbies who seem anxious to improve their english. one cabbie suggested trocones for those who seek less. for those still awaiting your trip...youve made a good choice

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